Vice President Mike Pence Addresses SFLA: “America Has Been Given the New Beginning for the Right to Life” 

Caroline Wharton - 06 Mar 2023

“I didn’t know if I’d live to see the day that Roe was thrown into the ash heap of history,” Vice President Mike Pence told Students for Life of America (SFLA) supporters and team members in Naples, Florida on Saturday evening.  

The Vice President, a champion for the preborn while holding public office, addressed the first National Post-Roe Gala, firing up more than 150 SFLA donors and friends in person and dozens online to continue their advocacy in a post-Roe America.  

Reflecting on his 2017-2021 Administration that stood for the preborn, Pence spoke about his time as the first ever Vice President of the United States that addressed the March for Life. Proudly beaming with the excitement of that day, Pence also discussed his tie breaking vote as Senate President that heroically defunded Planned Parenthood.   

“Life is winning in America because of you all,” Pence told the crowd. “I believe if we save the babies, we will save America.” 

Pence shared plans of action that the Pro-Life Generation can work toward, including electing pro-life leaders at the state and federal level, combatting Chemical Abortion Pills from pharmacies to the postal system, and lowering the costs of adoption so that it’s more affordable for every family in America.  

Notably, the Vice President confronted the Biden Administration’s out of control law enforcement agencies that fail to protect pro-life entities from the mean and extreme abortion lobby. When talking about the unspeakable violence and threats against pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), Pence said that we need to “demand Biden’s Department of Justice to prosecute those who vandalize PRCs with the fullest extent of the law.” 

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He commended the letter signed by 20 Attorneys General who are fighting against Chemical Abortion Pills and rightfully noted that there are more of us [pro-lifers] than those supporting a culture of death. “This is a pro-life nation,” said Pence. “We’re going to win for life in America.” 

With several rounds of applause, the SFLA attendees were in abundant support of the Vice President’s sentiment that called for them to stay in the fight, regardless of the difficulties they face.  

Some of those difficulties were discussed at the gala by student leader Alivia Grace Talley who outlined her troubles as a pro-life student on Clemson’s campus. CLICK HERE to read more about Alivia’s story on the SFLA blog.  

Guests were thrilled to speak with Seth Dillon at the event, as well. Dillon is the CEO of the Babylon Bee, a satirical online news site that rightfully addresses the hypocrisy of many pro-abortion media outlets.  

Dillon, who also spoke at SFLA’s National Pro-Life Summit in Washington, told guests about the censorship that his company faces for reporting the truth and not backing down in submission to the mainstream media.  

He encouraged those in attendance to keep speaking the truth and defending the preborn while calling out falsehoods perpetuated by the abortion lobby.  

Both Talley, Dillon, and Pence were warmly welcomed by the Pro-Life Generation who support them in their public endeavors to save preborn lives. “The best days for life and America are still to come,” Pence concluded.  

Stay tuned to SFLA’s blog for an upcoming exclusive podcast episode with SFLA’s Kristan Hawkins and Mike Pence! CLICK HERE to read news coverage on the event by the Associated Press and HERE for a story by Politico.

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