Abortion Travel Benefits Help Companies Meet Their Bottom Line, Not Actually Support Women

Caroline Wharton - 12 Dec 2022

As the abortion lobby celebrates companies who pay for women to cross state lines or take leave for a life-ending procedure, the pro-life movement can’t help but wonder what’s their motive? Why don’t corporations want women out on maternity leave or at doctor’s appointments throughout pregnancy? It’s because ending the life of a preborn child helps to meet their bottom line, and they’d rather see employees in an office making their business money than starting a family of their own. 

In a recent Fox News op-ed entitled, ‘Corporate Abortion Policies Anti-Family and Anti-Women. They Need to be Investigated,’ columnist Laurie Todd-Smith skillfully displays why more companies are becoming anti-woman and anti-family with paid abortion “benefits” in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade’s reversal.

abortion health benefits

She writes: “It’s really quite simple. If your family has no children, or fewer children, it takes less money to provide them health insurance. In addition, women without children don’t need maternity leave. That’s weeks, probably even months, worth of labor that the corporation will no longer lose. 

“That’s why this latest wave of corporate virtue-signaling represents a perfect distillation of a woke ideology: publicly broadcast gestures of “compassion” and “progress” being used as smokescreens for what are in reality ice-cold financial calculations.” 

In an anti-feminist fashion, companies are sending the message that women can’t multi-task and be successful in their career while being a mother. It’s a prejudice corporations have against women that we don’t hear any uproar over – the abortion lobby is evidently fine with keeping women at work and without families. However, the pro-life movement begs to disagree.  

abortion health benefits

We empower women to feel supported; if they want to excel in their career while having a family, they can! In fact, legal scholar Erika Bachiochi and others filed an amicus brief representing 240 women scholars, professionals, and pro-life organizations in the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling case that helped reverse overturn Roe to exemplify this point.  

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In part, the brief makes the argument that: 

“The claims by the Casey plurality and abortion advocates that unrestricted access to abortion is a necessary condition and a major contributor to women’s economic and social advances simply cannot be demonstrated. As fifty years of data shows, there is not even a consistent correlation between abortion rates and ratios and women’s participation in the economic and social life of the nation

abortion health benefits

“Women surged forward as they resorted less and less to abortion. In the absence of such correlation, and given the wide array of other possible factors fostering women’s success, it is impossible to show that abortion is the cause of women’s economic and social success. 

“It is more likely, in fact, that widely available abortion harmed women in the realms of personal relationships as well as in the development of law and policy accommodating women’s childbearing and parenting.”  

While it is clear that offering abortion as an employee benefit benefits no one but the employer, data reported by the Wall Street Journal shows that maternity and paternity leave is being diminished at-large.  

Todd-Smith commented on the data saying, “[W]hile 53% of employers offered paid maternity leave beyond what is required by law in 2020, only 35% do so in 2022. Likewise, while 44% of employers offered paid paternity leave in 2020, that number has dropped to 27% in 2022.”  

Clearly, companies need more pro-woman and pro-family policies — and fast. For many, retaining a full-time job while starting a family is a reality, and pro-abortion work benefits shouldn’t trump support needed to start or expand your family. 

Families are priceless in comparison to corporate America’s bottom line.   

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