Reflection Periods & Why the Abortion Lobby is So Against Them   

Caroline Wharton - 07 Nov 2022

The abortion lobby understands that if a woman is given the time and space to reconsider an abortion decision, she may very well decide against it, and that is why pro-abortion Members of Congress have recently introduced a new bill designed to limit such opportunities for choosing life. If voted into law, this legislation would be the best thing since sliced bread for the abortion industry — which means that it could be incredibly dangerous for women and preborn children. Here’s what you need to know:  

The Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform Carolyn Maloney recently introduced the Abortion Care Awareness Act of 2022, which would create a federal campaign to enhance abortion “accessibility.” Maloney stated in a press release, “Every person in the United States, no matter their zip code, should be able to access accurate information on where and how to obtain abortion care.” 

The Pro-Life Generation should note the use of the word “access” and understand its hidden meaning. In abortion-lobby-speak, wanting to mandate “abortion access” usually means two things: women should have free abortions (paid for by taxpayer dollars, of course), and abortion facilities should be on every corner. Their reasoning for such an absurd demand?  

Prior to the Dobbs v. Jackson decision, many abortion supporters cited abortion being a “constitutional right” as reasoning enough — but owning a firearm is a constitutional right, as well. Should taxpayer funds go to purchasing firearms for every firearm-seeking citizen? Should gun stores be mandated on every corner? 

Now that the reversal of Roe has decidedly ruled that abortion is not a constitutional right, the abortion lobby’s once-weak argument is particularly shoddy, but they continue to cling to it because they know that if a woman has time to think in a non-pressuring atmosphere, she may change her mind about aborting her child. Their desire is that she never have a chance to rethink it — and that’s why we say “pro-abortion,” never “pro-choice.”  

The extra minutes spent in the car on the way to an abortion appointment are a reflection period for a woman — her mind is spinning and thinking “Am I making the right choice?” During this time, she may decide that she wants to choose life, and she can be saved from making a decision to kill her child and ultimately regretting it later. 

Abortion regret or Post-Abortion Syndrome is acknowledged within the medical community as a common experience after an abortion, leading to emotional pain, guilt, and stress than can cause suicidal thoughts. According to scientific studies, more than 80% of post-abortive women were more likely to struggle with their mental health.  

For this reason, some states in America have instituted reflection periods for women before obtaining abortions so that they can be truly certain of their decision; this is a common practice in Western Europe, as well, a place which the abortion lobby oddly pretends has liberal abortion standards. 

As abortion supporters continue to rail against reflection periods of any sort (mandated or coincidental because of drive times), we must understand that it is because they are afraid their grip is loosening on women. Already, the New York Times has reported that abortion is down by 6% in the first two months after Dobbs, and they’re worried numbers will drop even lower now that women may need to travel farther to abortion faculties.  

With the Pro-Life Generation working harder to save lives and support women than ever, their fears are warranted; we are on our way to an abortion-free America.  

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