Texas is Abortion-Free but Their Public Schools Are Still Censoring Pro-Life Students  

Caroline Wharton - 05 Dec 2022

It’s a hard-won victory that Texas has abolished abortion through all nine months, but the Pro-Life Generation has found that even the state’s pro-life stance hasn’t stopped Texan public schools from censoring their pro-life opinions. Students for Life of America (SFLA) is currently engaged in legal aid to assist the student group from Pioneer Technical Arts Academy (PTAA) in Greenville, Texas whose First Amendment rights appear to be violated by their school administration. Here’s what you need to know about this case: 

A pro-life student at PTAA (a public high school) properly filed for official group status this fall semester, but in late October, his school administration pulled him aside to tell him that they could not recognize a nonacademic club on campus. Despite this reasoning, the student was able to find advertisements online and on campus for clubs that were noncurricular, such as the Dungeons and Dragons club, eSports club, anime club, The Good News club, and many others. 

And yet, the SFLA group at PTAA was denied the opportunity to become an official group — which sounds a lot like viewpoint discrimination.  

Native Texan and SFLA Legal Correspondent Olivia Garza said, “It is very common for pro-life students to get rejected, censored, and discriminated against by their own administration, even still in Texas. I just hope that’s not what is going on here at PTAA. If it unfortunately turns out to be so, SFLA will go immediately to bat for our students. We don’t allow First Amendment violations, period.”  

(Click HERE to read about other SFLA legal victories, including a lawsuit in which another public highschooler won the right to have a pro-life group on her campus after being denied in Noblesville, Indiana.) 

SFLA has sent PTAA a demand letter, informing them of their apparent discrepancy in official group statuses and asking for clarification on whether they recognize nonacademic clubs. We’ll update this blog accordingly — stay tuned for new details and to hear further stories from Texan students facing discrimination by their administrators.  

If you are experiencing free speech issues in your own pro-life activism, contact [email protected] for advice and legal help. You have a right under the First Amendment for a voice, and we all have a duty to use that voice for the voiceless — the preborn. If our voice isn’t being used or is being silenced by members of the abortion lobby, we won’t be able to make a difference for life — so contact us if you are experiencing this form of oppression.   

EDITOR’S NOTE: This issue has been resolved with another successful victory after intervention by the SFLA legal team. The pro-life students at PTAA are now free and welcome to start an SFLA group at their school.

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