Wheeling and Stealing: Pro-Abortion Male Skateboarder Harasses Pro-Life Women & Fails  

Caroline Wharton - 03 Dec 2022
Guest post by SFLA California Regional Coordinator Mary-Logan Miske

GUEST POST: When I brought Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Abortion Is Not Right Fall Tour to the University of California San Diego (UCSD), it was clear that we were not welcome on campus — and pro-abortion students were more than happy to try their best to kick us off.  I tabled with two female students and we faced backlash, vandalism, and even an attempt at cancel culture on the UCSD Reddit site. 

One student online attached an image of our polling question (which read, “Do Pre-Born Humans Have Human Rights?”), and captioned it, saying: “Pro-Life Club is loosing [sic] their own poll.” Despite the fact that there were several pins promoting the pro-life position, pro-abortion commenters claimed our question was leading and biased, prompting online bullying of pro-lifers.  

Perhaps, the pro-abortion side should re-evaluate the civility of bullying (as it’s not civil). Instead of attacking our poll, they should challenge their own stance and acknowledge the science that tells us life begins at fertilization and ask themselves thoughtfully when do human rights begin?  

Another pro-abortion man came up to our display and grabbed one of our signs that read “Abortion Is Not a Right.” The other student I was tabling with exclaimed, “We are open to conversation, but you can’t steal our stuff.” Since it was in such a public setting, he gave up and walked away. 

About an hour later, another pro-abortion man approached us with his skateboard. I went up to him and welcomed him to the conversation, saying I was there to answer questions. He said was just reading so I let him be, but seconds later, I heard him tell another student, “I saw on Reddit someone tried to take their poster so I’m going to.” I turned around in the moment, knowing what was about to happen, and it did — sort of.  

The pro-abortion man thought he could lift the heavy A-frame sign, steal and skate away it. Luckily, this story has a quite different ending. My first instinct in that moment was to take back what was rightfully and legally mine — so as he hopped on his skateboard holding the sign, I grabbed the other end of it, and that didn’t turn out too well for him. It caused him to trip over his own skateboard in front of everyone and release the sign.   

As I put it back in place, I responded, saying, “That is called vandalism, and it is not allowed.” He skated away in complete embarrassment from a failed attempt to harass female students and steal our personal property. Did you notice a theme? Multiple pro-abortion men were harassing pro-life women. There is just nothing more anti-feminist than that; they don’t take the time to have a conversation with us but feel at liberty to steal from us.  

This tour has proven that we have a lot of work to do with our generation that seems to discourage conversation and disrespect any belief that is not their own. However, this is also the very reason that we need to encourage our pro-life students to speak with our peers and be an active and rebellious presence at the places we are least welcomed. We are the Post-Roe Generation, and we will abolish abortion — no matter what the abortion lobby throws at us.  

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