Haven’t Seen ‘Call Jane’ Yet? We’re Not Surprised & Don’t Bother  

Caroline Wharton - 08 Nov 2022

If you’ve seen one pro-abortion movie, you’ve pretty much seen them all — after all, the premise is always kill babies, good and anyone who disagrees with killing babies, bad. The blatant bias in these movies can make them tiring to watch, and the newly released ‘Call Jane’ film fits that bill — but considering the times we live in, this film does offer a surprising look at today’s illegal abortion networks.   

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) Press Strategist and Staff Writer Caroline Wharton recently published an op-ed on this topic at the Daily Wire entitled, “‘Call Jane’ Is One Long Pro-Abortion Commercial Reminding Us to Vote Pro-Life.” Her title reflected just how badly the film is doing in theaters (spoiler alert, it’s doing really, really badly) and how the look at illegal abortion networks should make Americans concerned. She wrote:  

“Marketed as a movie meant to normalize abortion according to director Phyllis Nagy, “Call Jane” (rated R) is the story of a fictional housewife getting involved with an illegal abortion network. More importantly, however, it is a direct reflection of the dangerous enemy we are dealing with in modern expanding illegal abortion networks — starting with the film’s acceptance of the sexist principle that mothers can never be successful.”  

Wharton continued:  

“Beyond this, other ugly comparisons can be made. For instance, the illegal abortion network in this film used fake doctors or unschooled women to commit surgical abortions in a medical nightmare as they “trained” to do the procedure themselves by gutting pumpkins (as though surgery is as simple and risk-free as carving a Jack-O-Lantern.) Today’s new back-alley abortion method unfortunately follows suit — except this time, it’s through Chemical Abortion pills.”  

The Washington Post recently published a story about the illegal Chemical Abortion pill networks of today in an article written by Caroline Kitchener entitled, “Desperate Pleas and Smuggled Pills: A Covert Abortion Network Rises After Roe.” It summarized the lives of multiple different women who work the networks, as well as one woman who used Chemical Abortion pills prescribed to her by a non-licensed abortion supporter. SFLA reported on this woman’s story in an earlier blog:  

“When she consumed the pills, the pain was so intense that Monica was “balled up in the fetal position,” and a friend who had previously undergone a Chemical Abortion under medical supervision told her that she should go to the hospital, saying: “Dude, I don’t know if this is normal.” Excruciating pain is normally reported from women who take Chemical Abortion pills, but in Monica’s case, it may have been even worse as she would come to find that she had been too far along to take the pills (according to FDA standards).  

“She felt a flood of liquid in her underwear and stepped into the bath with her clothes still on. Lying back in the tub, she said, she felt some pressure release. Then she screamed. The fetus was floating in the water. Slightly smaller than her palm, the fetus had a head, hands, and legs, she said. Defined fingers and toes.   

“She leapt from the bath and collapsed in her boyfriend’s arms. Desperate for some guidance, soaking wet and crying, she took out her phone. “I just passed the fetus,” Monica wrote to whomever had sent her the pills. She learned later that her fetus matched descriptions of those roughly 13-weeks along, well beyond the 10-week cap set by the FDA for taking abortion pills.”   

The movie ‘Call Jane’ attempted to show illegal abortion networks in a positive light, but in reality, it was just a reminder of how dangerous these secretive circles are for American women.  

To read Wharton’s article in its entirety at the Daily Wire, click HERE.  

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