George Mason Students Unfairly Called “Racist”; Niece of Martin Luther King Jr. Speaks Out

Caroline Wharton - 21 Sep 2022

The abortion lobby loves to distract from the real issue of abortion by name-calling, and a recent example of this occurred at George Mason University (GMU) as the university and pro-abortion student groups labelled the campus Students for Life of America (SFLA) group as “racist.” In reaction to the asinine accusation, national pro-life leaders are rising up to defend the group — here’s what has happened so far and what you need to keep an eye out for:  

The Pro-Life Generation at GMU recently hosted the SFLA Fall Campus Tour entitled “Abortion Is Not Right,” and the day of the tour stop was very eventful. More than 113 conversations happened in a little over four hours while the pro-life students also weathered personal attacks and hangers being thrown at them by around 50 abortion supporters. To read more about how the event went, click HERE for our blog. However, the craziness didn’t end with the event.  

(Click HERE to listen to the SFLA podcast Speak Out episode with Brandon Tatum on why Black lives don’t matter to the abortion industry.)  

Two days after the tour stop, the Black African Heritage and Caribbean Coalition (BLACC) posted a statement that the SFLA group at GMU was insensitive and that they were creating a hostile environment for African American students. Almost every group in the coalition reshared the statement on Instagram — including the GMU Student Body President. The GMU Center for Culture and Equity also made a public statement on the matter, further inflaming the undeserved campus rage against the SFLA group. View the screenshot of their statement below:  

As members of the GMU SFLA group continue to be publicly and privately torn down and harassed by the abortion lobby, a new letter from in support of the group is forthcoming from SFLA, as well as national pro-life leaders such as Dr. Alveda King. Dr. King is the founder and president of Speak for Life and the niece of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. Her presence on the supportive letter to the GMU students is particularly poignant as BLACC used her uncle Martin Luther King, Jr. as a weapon against the SFLA students. Other letter signers to date include Reverend Dean Nelson, Kevin McGary, and Toni McFadden.  

(Click HERE to read about how SFLA activists were arrested for painting ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ on the streets of Washington D.C.)  

This isn’t the first time the GMU SFLA students have been unfairly accused and lambasted — earlier in the school year, the group was badgered by other abortion supporters who called them “Nazis and white supremacists.”  

Ken Meekins, a junior and pro-life activist at GMU, stated

“The pro-life movement is about peace and civil discourse. While it’s clear those in favor of abortion also support harassment, silencing protected speech, and other first amendment violations, we will continue to speak up about the abortion lobby’s attempt to destroy our culture by harming women and children. Our work is clearly cut out for us this semester, but we won’t be silenced – too many preborn babies count on us.”  

To read the upcoming letter in support of the GMU SFLA group and see the other signers, stay tuned to the SFLA blog for further updates.  

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