Planned Parenthood Staffer Threatens SFLA Door-Knocker, Says “Watch Your Back”

Caroline Wharton - 30 Aug 2022
Planned Parenthood Staffer Threatens SFLA Door-Knocker
Guest post by Campaign for Abortion Free Cities St. Paul Community Organizer Ellisha Olson

GUEST POST: Planned Parenthood promotes violence inside and outside of the womb, and I was reminded of that recently when one of their workers literally threatened me for talking about pregnancy resources — how’s that for women’s empowerment? Here’s what happened:  

Earlier this month, I was door-knocking for the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities in St. Paul, Minnesota with Students for Life of America (SFLA) Northern Regional Coordinator Matt Murphy and a group of amazing volunteers. Our door-to-door outreach included spreading information about SFLA’s initiative Standing with You and other free supportive pregnancy resources to our neighbors. 

I was so proud of our volunteers that day. They were professional, compassionate, and filled with a genuine desire to see Planned Parenthood’s violent exploits dismantled in our state for women and children’s benefit. However, we found that pro-abortion members of the community were not as kind.  

Planned Parenthood Staffer Threatens SFLA Door-Knocker
Olson and other door-knockers

Apparently, the very idea of offering and informing people about free pregnancy resources can make some extremely furious — after all, how dare we offer free ultrasounds and baby supplies! This was very much the case that day when I walked to a house, and things took a rough turn.  

When I knocked on the door, a woman answered, and she said she didn’t want to hear what I had to say, but she would read the literature I had if I gave it to her. I handed her a piece of literature about Standing With You, and the woman got excited when she read the words on the front of it: Free Women’s Resources.  

She told me she loved this, and she was so thankful that I was out doing this which made me excited. I told her thank you and expressed just how much I love what I do — getting to advocate for women in unplanned pregnancies is such a blessing.  

Planned Parenthood Staffer Threatens SFLA Door-Knocker
Olson and other volunteers making “blessing bags” for moms in unplanned pregnancies

The woman proceeded to flip the literature over and read the back which talks about free resources that Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer. She looked up and asked if there was anything about abortion on the door hanger. I told her there wasn’t, and she asked if I was affiliated with Planned Parenthood. I said no; I was not affiliated with Planned Parenthood — and that’s when she got angry.  

She said, “Well, that’s too bad because I am.”  

Her attitude of hostility made me understand that a productive conversation wasn’t attainable any longer so I began backing away and thanking her for her time. However, she angrily kept talking about working with Planned Parenthood and said, “I am going to look you up, so you better watch your back!” As I walked away, telling her to have a nice day, she proceeded to take photos of me leaving.  

Planned Parenthood Staffer Threatens SFLA Door-Knocker

For a corporation that prides themselves on “supporting” women, it’s a bad look for them to threaten a woman — and really shows their true colors. Planned Parenthood is only interested in one thing: money. That’s why their employees are mad about free women’s resources — they are motivated by money, and that’s why the abortion giant basically charges you to just walk in the door.  

(Click HERE to read about Planned Parenthood’s missing annual report outlining just how rich the abortion giant gets from killing the preborn.) 

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