Five Things Planned Parenthood’s President Said That Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

Caroline Wharton - 22 Jun 2022

It’s no secret that Students for Life of America (SFLA) can’t stand Planned Parenthood, but we have a special place in our hearts for disliking the current Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson—because to hear her is to cringe. Not only does she promote and facilitate countless murders within the womb, but McGill Johnson also says some things that just make you wince and wonder how people take her seriously. In case you don’t know what we mean, here’s the top five things she’s said recently that will either make you laugh or roll your eyes:  

  1. She Doesn’t Understand Who Can Get Pregnant  

That’s right; the woman who heads up the ghoulish organization which profits off ending pregnancies through committing abortions is a little fuzzy on who can actually get pregnant. That’s awkward.  

Planned Parenthood's President

In an interview with Forbes, McGill Johnson said, “If the court’s final decision [for the Dobbs v. Jackson case] looks anything like the leaked draft decision, it will mean that women, trans men, and nonbinary people who can become pregnant do not have equal autonomy over their bodies.” Later on in the interview, she also says “people who can get pregnant.”  

Moving past her incorrect answer on what will happen if Roe v. Wade is reversed (click HERE to see why she’s wrong), McGill Johnson is either totally confused by simple biology that a middle schooler can understand or she’s playing it politically correct when she asserts that anyone other than a woman can get pregnant. Whether it’s ignorance or leftist propaganda, it’s just not cutting it. Only women have the amazing ability to get pregnant and bear children—to say otherwise is insulting to women and not grounded in reality.   

Planned Parenthood's President
  1. She Thinks Women Can’t Multi-Task  

Nothing like a little sexism from Planned Parenthood, the self-proclaimed savior of women, right? Despite lauding themselves as “women’s empowerment,” Planned Parenthood seems hellbent on insisting that women cannot succeed without abortion—that without abortion, women cannot be equal to men.  

McGill Johnson said this once again recently, stating, “It goes without question forcing women to remain pregnant, become parents, or expand their families is likely to be yet another factor that forces them out of the workforce.”  

Planned Parenthood's President
Hawkins and family

But has she forgotten about all the successful women who have children—who are called Mommy, as well as President, Doctor, CEO, etc.? SFLA President Kristan Hawkins is a great example of this; she has four beautiful children while at the same time being a national advocate for life. She’s an excellent example that women don’t have to choose between having a family and having a career—they can do both.  

  1. She Can’t Believe Pregnancies End Up in Anything Other Than Abortion  

Having murder on the mind must make people forget the reality of things because the reality is that pregnancies are supposed to result in a new, unique human life—not be ended by the violence of abortion. However, McGill Johnson seems to think that that isn’t the case and instead that abortion is the more normal route for a pregnancy to take. 

Planned Parenthood's President

She remarked in the Forbes interview, “Abortion may not always be the desired outcome of a pregnancy,” and we’re astounded at this flippant comment. Not always the desired outcome of a pregnancy? No kidding—and even studies from pro-abortion organizations like the Guttmacher Institute show that many post-abortive women didn’t “desire” the abortion they had. Instead, they felt pressured to abort because they weren’t being given the support they needed.  

(Click HERE to see how SFLA is supporting women through their pregnancies with Standing With You.)  

  1. She Forgot What An Abortion Actually Does  

Abortion supporters will go blue in the face before they say that an abortion is the killing of a preborn baby, but in an almost comical slip, McGill Johnson basically made that point in her Forbes interview as she said, “Having access to it [abortion] throughout a pregnancy can be the difference between life and death”—and we couldn’t agree more!  

Planned Parenthood's President

The availability of abortion does present a life-or-death situation for preborn children who are voiceless and vulnerable. They have no say in the matter of abortion, and no one to advocate for them—except the pro-life movement. That’s why we are so vocal that rights begin in the womb because without the right to life, how can we ever enjoy our other human rights? 

  1. She Underestimates the Pro-Life Movement  

To top it all off, McGill Johnson seriously misjudged the pro-life movement in her interview when she called us all the “small but vocal opposition.” Vocal? Absolutely. But small? Not so much. The pro-life movement is alive, large, and well, and SFLA is a nationwide organization with thousands of students across the country. Our efforts are well-known by national media sources, and our boots are consistently on the ground—and we’re just one piece of the pro-life movement as a whole.  

Planned Parenthood's President

Polls also show that the majority of Americans actually agree far more with pro-life sentiments (such as our opposition to Roe v. Wade) than they do with the radical abortion extremism of the Left and the abortion lobby. The youth vote—Millenials and Gen Z—are also particularly and passionately pro-life—so how’s that for “small”?  

McGill Johnson can say what she wants—and usually, what she says will be wrong—but it doesn’t matter. The pro-life movement is focused on abolishing abortion (making it both illegal and unthinkable), and we’re confident that one day we’ll put McGill Johnson out of a job in the abortion industry. In fact, we’re looking forward to it.  

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