Comedy Central “Gummy Bear Farm” Skit Seems Similar to Horror of Abortion

Jessica Nardi - 30 Nov 2020

A Comedy Central MiniMock skit shows the bright world of a “Yummy Gummy Ranch” where gummy animals are raised to be slaughtered for consumption… however the methods mentioned seemed oddly reminiscent of abortion and infanticide.

The skit is meant to be a spoof on  animal breeding and processing farms, but with cute, colorful gummy animals instead. Where it takes a dark turn is when the gummy farm owner describes that the gummy babies are slaughtered and packaged for consumption the second they are “born.”

The dialogue says, “Once the mamma bears are ready to pop, I’m right there to catch them babies and prep them for consumption.” The skit then shows her describe how she “slaughters” the newborn gummies, complete with visuals and high-pitched cries from the small bears as they are “killed.” The dialogue continues, “There’s suffocation, blunt force trauma, or you can just go for the jugular.”

Pair the visual of young “offspring,” crying and killed in various ways, and it recalls abortion methods like Hysterotomy — where the baby’s umbilical cord is cut and they suffocate — or a Dilation & Curettage (D&C) abortion — where a baby is literally cut apart before being suctioned from the womb.   

While there were no direct statements made to say that the skit was a comedic interpretation of abortion, the content still calls to mind a resemblance.  Regardless, it begs the question: what does it say about the state of our society that we think killing newborn things is funny? 

This ranks up there with all the recent abortion comedies, movies, messages, and celebrity endorsements. Promoting the killing of children in lighthearted media moves society to take and see these issues lightly — as not a big deal and just another medical procedure.  This, of course, is the point. The abortion industry has a “Hollywood department” headed by actress Elizabeth Banks whose sole goal is to promote abortion in a positive light on TV and movie screens. 

At the end of the day… killing a child is a big deal, and mothers are real heroes.  To deny otherwise is a rejection of reality, of the power of life, love and womanhood.  They deserve better; our world deserves better. 

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