Apply for the Hildegard Art Fellowship!

Lori Cascio - 27 Mar 2020

Students for Life has added a brand-new program to our family of fellowships: The Hildegard Art Fellowship. And this one’s just for pro-life artists! The Hildegard Art Fellowship is about engaging young artists to use their artistry to change hearts and minds on abortion by becoming artist activists.

Click here to apply by May 1st! 

Art in its multitude of forms has a unique way to speak to and impact our culture. At Students for Life, we seek to abolish abortion on many platforms including politics, education, and service. The Hildegard Art Fellows don’t just encounter culture; they captivate culture.   

Inspired by Hildegard of Bingen, a highly influential woman whose visual arts, compositions, and insights helped shape the society of her time, this Fellowship aims to do just that: transform young artists into cultural influences for the pro-life movement!  

Click HERE to learn more about the Hildegard Art Fellowship! 

We are looking for college and graduate level students who wish to use their artistry for LIFE during the 2020-2021 school year. We have room for five visual, five word, and five performing artists.  These leaders will take part in our first ever National Leaders Collective in Washington D.C. this June (or later if health and safety is a concern). 

Apply by May 1st! 

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