What EMTALA Hearing Taught Me About Pro-Abortion Advocates – They Don’t Know What They’re Protesting 

Savanna Deretich - 06 May 2024

Students for Life of America (SFLA) returned to the U.S. Supreme Court for the second time this year. First, SCOTUS heard the U.S. Food & Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine case in March, debating the FDA’s 24-year-long approval of dangerous Chemical Abortion Pills. In April, I rallied at SCOTUS for the State of Idaho v. The United States case about EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, which required hospitals to care for all Emergency Room patients, regardless of their ability to pay.  

The debate isn’t centered around whether all patients deserve care, irrespective of economic status, but rather about whether EMTALA includes abortion “care.” In 2022, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued guidance to clarify that EMTALA includes providing abortions in Emergency Rooms. Sounds like Biden is using the HHS to create a makeshift abortion venue.  

As Students for Life Action (SFLAction) Government Affairs Coordinator and someone who cares for the least of these, I came to this hearing ready to stand for the preborn and defend my position. Though I shouldn’t be surprised at this point, it reignited my concern to see pro-abortion protesters unable to articulate what the FDA Supreme Court case was about or even what they were protesting at that very moment. Many pro-abortion activists screamed as a poor substitute for civil discussion, shouting things like:  

 “Do not take away medication abortion!”  

“Chemical abortion saves lives!”  

“Keep safe at home abortions!”  

Nothing would make me happier than to eradicate Chemical Abortion Pills for good, but that’s not what the EMTALA case is about. When we asked the pro-abortion activists’ “do you know what this case is truly about?” Their response was repeatedly screaming the statements above to our faces. If only they listened.  

The media did listen, and I could speak with them and spread the truth. I was asked by The Independent about how doctors are not being allowed to perform “emergency abortions.”  

Savanna Deretich speaking at the EMTALA SCOTUS hearing.

“I think that’s pretty silly, and they’re probably abusing their ability as a doctor to say that they need to have more abortion freedom, so that they can perform abortions, which is not true,” I stated. “If they can’t even recognize how to treat a miscarriage or fallopian tube pregnancy then there’s some serious issues and they need to go back to medical school.”  

I also took to the podium to inform those around me.  

“If you’re unclear whether abortion is a federal and state issue, today’s hearing at the Supreme Court should remove all doubt,” I said amid screaming protesters. “EMTALA has been twisted by Biden’s abortion radicals to demand that in states with protective laws that embrace the preborn be forced to allow abortions in an ER.”  

During all the speeches, pro-abortion activists screamed over us, got up in our faces, and used horns to try and silence us for hours. Most of the time, it was aggressive men shouting “gentlemanly” phrases like, “Shut the f*ck up b*tch!”  

Men silence women’s voices when they claim, “no uterus no opinion.” What a “class act.”  

There was even a point where police had to ask the aggressive protesters to leave us alone because they were harassing us so much.    

At one point, one of the women speakers expressed how irresponsible and selfish men keep abortion legal for any reason. A swarm of men dressed in white medical coats and scrubs came over, shouting volatile things at the women speaking at our rally. This only proved our point, not to mention how disturbing it was to have male medical providers shout profanities and then, two minutes later, go back to caring for women and families.  

Despite being outnumbered and people being verbally abusive, we remained calm and confident in our position. The Pro-Life Gen showed up and did not back down. Students for Life of America was honored to help represent the pro-life movement that day.

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