Is “Quiet on Set” Quiet on Abortion? An Example of How Hollywood Uses Power to Hide Sexual Abuse and Encourage Abortion 

Jordan Estabrook - 12 Apr 2024

Since Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV premiered last month, no one can stop talking about the verbal, physical, and sexual abuse children, and even staff, endured while working at Nickelodeon. It sheds light on why child actors, such as Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, and Ariana Grande, publicly spiral out of control.  

Former Nickelodeon start Drake Bell

Quiet on Set is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hollywood corruption. By creating a culture of covert sexual abuse and sexualized TV shows, rape, promiscuity, reckless sex, and then abortion can follow suit. Even Vanity Fair, which is undoubtedly no pro-life publication, admits that Hollywood’s little secret is studios wanting their stars to abort their babies. Whether it’s in Hollywood or middle and lower-class America, intimidation and fear is an abuser’s best friend, along with its deadly sidekick, abortion.  

So, is Quiet on Set quiet about abortion? Let’s find out. 

Quiet on Set Overview  

Quiet on Set follows the stories of many Nickelodeon stars who experienced abuse at the hands of on-set staff. The claims include inappropriate dares, sexualized scenes, lack of parental supervision, verbal abuse, and the most disturbing, sexual abuse. 

Three main storylines drive the documentary—the first revelation of Drake Bell’s sexual abuse at the hands of his dialogue coach, Brian Peck. Bell explains to the Quiet on Set producer that everything horrible that can be imagined happened to him, and admittedly, he suffered from confusion, alcohol abuse, and other emotional distress. Though his case was sealed in 2004, he revealed himself as the minor who sent Peck away for a measly 16 months. 

Production Assistant Jason Handy, now a registered sex offender, sent a young girl on The Amanda Show, Brandi, several indecent emails and admitted in journals that he was a full-blown pedophile

Then, there’s Dan Schneider. Staff members accuse Schneider of misogyny, inappropriate on-set massages, and writing sexualized themes into his shows, including feet shots and hot tub scenes with Bynes and grown men — actors and actresses dressed in revealing clothing. For girls, it was short skirts, crop tops, and other covert sexualized acts on camera. One young actor wore a skintight and colored suit to be a “little fetus.”  

The Enormous Power Imbalance Between Children and Adults  

The child actors, now grown adults, clearly see the power imbalance on set. Parents weren’t welcomed on set with their children, leaving them in vulnerable situations with pedophiles like Handy and verbally abusive staff like Schneider. Not only that, but the money kept these children silent.  

Sound familiar? 

It should. The” keep quiet” dynamic extends outside of Hollywood when it comes to sexual abusers and pimps using women and children for a cash grab and/or their sick pleasure. This formula extends to keeping abortion quiet. In 2021, Dr. Noor Zwayne, an Arizona “pediatric gynecologist” and Planned Parenthood board member, made a startling admission when it comes to sexual abuse of youth: 

“In some cases, I have to report it to the police.”  

Every state has mandatory reporting laws, meaning that certain professionals must report suspected abuse of minors. 

After Investigation Discovery’s Quiet on Set was released, a story spread about former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes’ rumored pregnancy and abortion at 13 years old with producer Dan Schneider. Though the documentary featured Bynes, she wasn’t interviewed, nor has she substantiated the abortion claims.  

Leon Frierson, a Nickelodeon child actor, noted in the documentary: “There would be times where Amanda would just be missing. And a lot of times we would hear that she would be with Dan pitching ideas and writing.”  

Bynes, or any other child star, should never be left along with an adult, and in that lies the issue – Hollywood doesn’t keep children safe. It simultaneously creates a dangerous environment for the actors themselves while pushing sexualized themes on screen.  

Lastly, we come to another critical issue — these shows feed sexualized themes to young viewers. Planned Parenthood is all but pleased with it. They’ve been actively encouraging gender transition drugs while promoting condoms, sexual coloring sheets, and STD talks to kids. 

The only plausible explanation for overt child sexualization is to encourage sexually deviant behavior or condition children in sexually abusive situations. 15% of all sexual abuse victims are between the ages of 12-17. When they’re raped, where do these children go? To Planned Parenthood, where they tell her they can take care of her “problem” without asking a single question.    

We’re happy Quiet on Set took the blinds off child abuse in Hollywood and sexualized themes in kids’ shows. Hollywood created this toxic culture, and that’s precisely what entities like Planned Parenthood want: A culture of covert sexual abuse and sexualized TV shows.

Now, it’s time to see a documentary on how abortion keeps children quiet.  

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