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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Christian Alan in the National Leaders Collective Takes on Hollywood with an Original Streaming Series, An Unplanned Milestone

Jordan Estabrook - 21 Mar 2024

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is proud to accept amazing students like Christian Alan, a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), into SFLA’s leadership programs through the National Leaders Collective (NLC).  

For the 2023-2024 school year, Alan is a part of the Hildegard Art Fellowship program, where he is growing as a pro-life artistic leader and spreading the pro-life message through a performance project. Get to know more about Alan below:  

Why did you join the pro-life movement? 

I am involved in this movement because I believe we are often gaslit by the entertainment we consume. We’re led to believe unplanned parenthood has no merits and no beauty. By using my platform in entertainment to present a positive portrayal of young and unplanned parenthood, I feel I am honoring so many families around the world. 

How have you grown as a leader?  

My ambassadorship for my local pregnancy center allowed me to put myself into the shoes of families and women with unplanned pregnancy. Once I knew the full scope of unplanned parenthood, I applied what I observed to the Hildegard Art Fellowship to make a streaming series that dignified and portrayed these families. That streaming series is now called An Unplanned Milestone, and streams on the Chicano Hollywood TV app. 

I’ve also grown to learn that when something is meant to happen, it does. I was really blessed to join forces with other like-minded storytellers such as Emely Otsuka and Alejandro Martin in telling such a well-rounded, honest story of young parenthood. 

What are some of your favorite pro-life accomplishments from this year? 

  1. Producing an original teen-drama of four 15-minute episodes, entitled An Unplanned Milestone, that confronts the stigma surrounding unplanned parenthood with the tropes of teen-drama that we all know and love in our entertainment.  
  1. Uniting a team of over 50 people and representing 8+ countries with artists skilled in acting, writing, and directing to diffuse negative rhetoric surrounding unplanned motherhood.  
  1. Using An Unplanned Milestone‘s LA Premiere to raise over $1,500 worth of diapers and other maternity items for Baby2Baby. 

As he nears graduation from the National Leaders Collective, Alan has taken another exciting step in his pro-life activism, by joining the Students for Life team as the Southern California Regional Ambassador! 

What has been the most exciting thing so far as a member of the NLC? 

My experience as a Hildegard Art Fellow gave me confidence in owning what I have to say as a leader and storyteller. That wouldn’t have happened without seeing the ground presence that Students for Life had at my UCLA campus. We all have a responsibility to speak up on injustice in how we know how. Hopefully, art projects such as the drama, An Unplanned Milestone, communicate just how I am trying to do that. 

I am excited to start a movement in Hollywood with An Unplanned Milestone that demands a healthier, fair portrayal of unplanned parenthood and lets mainstream media know positive, unplanned parenthood can and DOES belong in our entertainment. 

The Hildegard Art Fellowship is one of NINE different leadership opportunities within the National Leaders Collective. Applications are open now through Friday, April 5, for SFLA group leaders to apply for a year of mentorship, opportunities, and education with SFLA

Click HERE to learn more and apply today! 

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