This School Year’s Mission: Playing “Where’s Waldo?” With Kamala Harris and Joe Biden 

Jordan Estabrook - 26 Apr 2024

As abortion continues to heat up in multiple states this coming primary election, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris prove to their abortion supporters just how serious, brave, and bold they are on abortion extremism. That is, if you consider “bold” being hiding the exact location of your abortion advocacy event and shielding the public from asking actual, hard-hitting questions.

But no one is buying that, and certainly no one at Students for Life of America (SFLA). SFLA students and staff stopped sharpening their pencils and picked signs to play a nationwide game of “Where’s Waldo?” with Biden and Harris. Here are eight times we mobilized and tracked down the slippery and hidden Waldos of the executive branch.  

Harris Comes to North Carolina A&T 

In September 2023, before Harris had truly mastered the ways of Waldo, she was more specific about her location and gave adequate time for supporters and protestors to prepare. SFLA Spokesperson Lydia Taylor, Carolinas Regional Coordinator Alicia Foreman, and SFLA students found Harris on NC A&T campus. Her abortion tour was ironically named, “Fight For Our Freedoms,” so we had to ask:  

“What about preborn children’s freedom and their rights — most notably, the right to life?” 

The event turned into quite a ruckus.  

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“Unfortunately, after Harris’ event ended, a large mob surrounded us, and chaos ensued,” wrote Taylor. “They began screaming and cursing, while twerking on us, stealing my bullhorn, and vandalizing our signs with the message ‘f*ck them kids.’ …closing in tighter on our group and whacking our posters around to hit us.” 

Security removed our group for their safety, sadly leaving behind the signs which were immediately vandalized. 

Maybe this was Harris’ sign that her presence doesn’t nurture the kind of “fight” her tour was talking about.  

Next Stop: Northern Arizona University 

Still, Harris continued as normal, announcing her next stop at Northern Arizona University for her abortion extremism tour. And of course, we tracked her down, with a lot of bizarre interactions.  

Pacific Southwest Regional Coordinator Heather Litchfield led the SFLA group to protest. Tons of students poured from the building with a passion to stand up for their bodily “rights.” We got plenty of nasty looks, plenty of middle fingers, and one man even spat at us.  

“A middle-aged woman walked down the street toward the Planned Parenthood table,” described Litchfield of one shocking interaction. “Her son looked to be about twenty or so years old and had Down syndrome. The woman handed her son a sign that read ‘Bans Off Our Bodies.’ They stood next to us for some time while the son kept looking over at our signs. I gently moved closer to ask him, ‘Do you know what that sign means?’ 

 He shook his head.  

Litchfield told him: ‘They want to kill babies while they are still in the mom’s tummy.’  

His mom said to him, ‘I am doing this for me. I didn’t have a choice and every woman deserves a choice. I hold this sign for me and me alone.’” 

That one statement perfectly embodied what Harris’ stands for – false “freedom,” if you can even call it that, for women, but not for preborn children.  

Harris at Florida International University 

Her third stop of “Fight for Our Freedoms” had SFLA fighting for freedom of speech.  

Southeast Campus Formation Coordinator Mary-Logan Miske took a group of students and talked to 83 people about abortion extremism. That wasn’t before the police gave them a hard time for not being in the “free speech” zone.  

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“I was informed (by police) that even my shirt was a problem as it was considered a sign,” wrote Miske. “We compromised to keep the peace, though, by standing across the street but near the pathway to be able to speak to students and hold our signs.  

And it was so worth it! We spoke to 83 students on campus and changed nearly 10 people’s minds, including some who were attending the Kamala Harris event.” 

A New Tour (And Game of Hide-and-Seek) With Kamala Harris in Wisconsin 

2024 was the year Harris and Biden amped up their hide and seek game. This January, on the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Harris made her way to the small community of Big Bend, Wisconsin to kick off her “Fight for Reproductive Rights” tour.

Currently, Wisconsin law allows for abortions into the second trimester. Though it was hard to find her, Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator Shawna Weber and the SFLA crew brought the best Venn diagram to help explain things to her.  

She’s Also Unpopular Among EVERYONE in Michigan  

By the time she made it to Grand Rapids, Michigan, she was unpopular amongst all the political groups that came to protest her.

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“No locals of Grand Rapids observing the vulgar display felt comfortable approaching the pro-abortion group,” Northern Regional Coordinator Tom Usle wrote. “As they openly defied police orders, leading to one person being taken away. One student even chose to bark like a dog.” 

I guess the protestors made it easier to find where she was, especially if they “bark” loudly.  

Tracking Down Harris in North Carolina (Again) to Teach Her About Abortion Pollution 

Harris was back in North Carolina again, but this time, she hid her location until the last second, and instead of talking about abortion, she was speaking on “environmental justice.” We assumed she didn’t know that abortion pollution is an environmental issue.  

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Despite a crazy interaction kicking off our protest, we reached Kamala Harris with our message as she left her speech and got in the vehicle,” wrote SFLA Spokesperson Lydia Taylor. “I brought my megaphone and spoke to her about how chemical abortion harms women, kills children, and pollutes the environment. I asked her to protect Americans from abortion, as abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States.” 

Harris Goes Back to Arizona  

When Arizona upheld its 1864 abortion law, Harris made an urgent stop to Tucson, Arizona, to proclaim women’s rights.  

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Except, she didn’t tell the public exactly where, so we were left guessing again. Still, Pacific Southwest Regional Jordan Brittain and SFLA had a rally at a local Planned Parenthood facility, showed resources through Standing With You, and talked to the media.

Biden Takes a Trip to Florida 

Step aside, Harris. Biden became the new “Where’s Waldo?” when he decided to make a last-minute stop in Tampa, Florida to promote his abortion extremism. Yes, SFLA staff Kristen Wayne and Andy Secola, students, and community were there, along with our billboard truck. 

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The White House failed to put out any details about his appearance, but the day of, there were rumors he was speaking at Hillsborough Community College.  

As you can tell, Biden and Harris have quickly become more secretive about their event locations. They say they’re bold on abortion, but with this track record, SFLA isn’t convinced, and neither should you. Whether they reveal their location or not, the Pro-Life Generation will still rally against them.  

We’re “Where’s Waldo?” experts now.  

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