A Satanic Statue as Ugly as Its Pro-Abortion Message: SFLA Joins Other Pro-Life Groups In Protest at University of Houston

Olivia Torralba - 29 Feb 2024

When SFLA heard that the University of Houston (UH) would display an 18-foot Satanic statue celebrating abortion on campus, we were more than ready to join Texas Right to Life, Coogs for Life and other pro-life organizations to protest its presence and display our own Cemetery of the Innocents.   

The hideous statue designed by artist Shahzia Sikander, complete with goat-horn braids and tentacle-like arms, “symbolizes” women’s right to abortion and honors the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Although, if she saw it, she’d be completely horrified.  

Turns out others felt the same. People from all walks of life protested the statue at this event, including students, alumni, families, and Houston residents. Those passing by stated the statue was “creepy,” “ugly,” “weird, or even “anti-feminist.” 

The statue is objectively ugly. Then again, it that seems to be the overall point of most regressive modern art. No beautiful thing should represent the killing of preborn babies. The hideous exterior matches the evil of its messaging.  

With the statue quietly installed at the Cullen Family Plaza, there was supposed to be a big unveiling and a speech from Shahzia. Thanks to the enormous pressure from pro-life organizations, the university removed the event entirely but kept the sculpture up. As the statue remained there, so did our need to speak life.  

SFLA added the element of the Cemetery of the Innocents, with pink crosses displayed on the University of Houston’s campus lawn to show the lives taken by Planned Parenthood abortion.

A single pink cross for each of the 1,025 little preborn boys and girls Planned Parenthood puts to death every day. Many people don’t know that, according to Charlotte Lozier, “Planned Parenthood performed 374,155 abortions in 2020-21 – down a little over 9,300 from the previous year, but over 3.4 million abortions over the past 10 reports.” 

In my speech addressed to the University of Houston, I called on them to not only remove the statue but to bring positive, empowering, and life-affirming messaging, and resources to their campus.  

Our peaceful protest of 150 people met some opposition. Some people held signs, laughed, and mocked people’s prayers. Our feeling of unity didn’t waver. Protecting life is worth enduring mockery, and many Houston residents felt the same.  

I left with a sense of strength and power in our mission. The pro-life movement is stronger than the Satanic forces. We aren’t going anywhere. We will be just as loud and proud in defending the innocent as those who praise death by abortion. 

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