Smug Professor Harasses SFLA College Students at Florida International University

Jordan Estabrook - 21 Feb 2024

“She can kill it.”  

While Students for Life of America at Florida International University (FIU) peacefully engaged in pro-life advocacy efforts, a pro-abortion professor had something different in mind. Instead of behaving like an adult, he decided to harass and insult SFLA students.   

The SFLA FIU chapter tabled like they do every week in the student center. They encourage open conversations with pro-life and pro-abortion students alike. Almost always, the students found these conversations to be courteous, even if their minds didn’t change. 

Jazmin Casco, SFLA FIU’s social media manager, held a whiteboard with a poll reading: “Should abortion be allowed in all 9 months of pregnancy?” Paired with the question were statistics from the CDC, citing that 13,000 late-term abortions happen each year. They found most students agreed that abortion throughout all nine months is extreme. 

This started a hostile interaction between an unidentified professor who approached the table and voted “yes,” claiming that late-term abortions “don’t happen” except for medical reasons. Mia Atkins, SFLA FIU’s vice president, asked him to give an example of when abortion is medically necessary.  

The professor accused them of being uneducated, religious, and behaved in an intimidating manner. He declared they were ill-informed about abortion because, unlike him, they didn’t have Ph.Ds. 

Mia reflected on the incident: “It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to understand basic human development. You don’t need a degree to know abortion kills a preborn life.” 

In a video, the increasingly hostile professor attacked their intelligence and insisted that abortion is a woman’s choice, repeating “She can kill it!” multiple times. 


He returned to apologize and attempted to record the SFLA group stating they weren’t being harassed. To see whether you agree, click here for the video or watch it above.

Eventually, after about a 10-minute break, he returned. He gave a half-hearted apology, saying how people get caught up in the heat of the moment when passionate about things.  

This incident shows how SFLA students handle conflict and remain mature in a difficult situation. Even if there is disagreement, faculty should aim for a higher level of conduct. Insulting their intelligence and beliefs is no way to conduct a true intellectual and moral debate.  

Despite this professor’s Ph.D. brag, it was discovered his degree was in “coral research.” It turns out babies are much more alive than corals, and that truth can be articulated by anyone of any education level. 

No Ph.D. required.  

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