EveryLife Launches New Ad Campaign in Times Square 

Jordan Estabrook - 01 Feb 2024
Guest post by Stand With You Coordinator Stephanie Stone

GUEST POST: EveryLife, a partner of Students for Life of America (SFLA) partner and pro-life diaper company, is launching a new campaign called “Make More Babies.” This campaign aims to counter pro-abortion rhetoric about population control through abortion. 

As part of the “Make More Babies” campaign, EveryLife has placed a billboard advertisement up in Times Square quoting Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and owner of social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), reading, “Having children is saving the world.” The advertisement is displayed for 30 minutes consecutively on and off throughout the week. 

The campaign also includes a video distributed on social media highlighting EveryLife’s unique perspective on children. Merchandise with the phrase “Make More Babies” was distributed during the National Pro-Life March in Washington D.C.  These items are available online at, allowing people to show their support for the campaign and advocate for the value of every life in their every day life 

EveryLife and its campaign challenges the myth that overpopulation is a reason to encourage women to have abortions.  

Sarah Gabel Seifert, co-founder and president of EveryLife, said in their press release: “In a world where the likes of Bill Nye, Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Paul Ehrlich, among many others, say the threat of overpopulation looms large and where social norms encourage women to put off having children until much later in life – if they even have them at all – we’re sounding the alarm. The greatest threat is a world without children, a world that fails to recognize and cherish the profound beauty and creative potential of the next generation.” 

Students for Life of America is proud to collaborate with EveryLife and eagerly anticipates how the “Make More Babies” campaign will impact the culture.   

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