Four Ways to Make America Pro-Life Again 

Caroline Wharton - 09 Jan 2024

The 2024 presidential election year is upon us, and campaigning on both sides of the aisle is in full swing. While Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has not endorsed any presidential candidate yet and is currently talking with all of the leading campaigns, Students for Life of America‘s (SFLA) sister organization will continuously focus on abortion, the ever-important human rights issue of our day. That’s why no matter the presidential candidate, the pro-life movement will always have the same motto: Make America Pro-Life Again.  

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But how exactly do we do that? Here are four ways you can help make our country more life-affirming:  

1. Use the Ballot Box   

Is this the most obvious answer? Yes — but it’s still an important one. Much of what our culture accepts as right and wrong comes from what is currently legal; this means that while abortion is legally permissible, many people will unfortunately think it’s morally permissible, as well. Additionally, as the abortion industry sees the advances the pro-life movement is making in protecting life, they’re getting scared and attempting to further shore up abortion within our laws.  

In order to help change the twisted acceptance of abortion and truly enact life-affirming policies which save preborn lives and support families, pro-lifers need to be avid voters and volunteers in the political world. It’s important to root out lackluster politicians from office (like Biden’s Favorite Republicans for example), install champions for life, and act when ballot initiatives on abortion are brought forward —and this can’t happen if our grassroots bury their heads in the sand. Voting is a part of using our pro-life voice, and we must encourage others to do so, as well.  

2. Demand Our Institutions Do Better  

The abortion lobby has their sticky fingers in pretty much every institution in the United States — whether that be the government, religion, education, the arts, etc. In nearly every sphere, they are pushing a pro-abortion narrative and taking ill-gained support. The U.S. Government Accountability Office provided one example of this recently with a late 2023 report showing the disgusting amount of money (to the tune of billions) that our country gives to the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Additionally, the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement also published a study on Christian colleges and universities’ affiliations with the abortion industry and found that abortion support increased by 10% post-Roe.  

We cannot allow such partnerships with evil to exist; we have to demand better. This means calling out governmental agencies that are abusing their power and using them instead to achieve pro-life goals, as the Washington Post recently covered. It means holding religions which profess life-affirming ideals to their word. It means working to ensure that every school has pro-life policies in place. It means not looking the other way.  

For one way to help, you can send an email to a Christian school in relationship with the abortion industry encouraging them to change their ways by clicking HERE.  

3. Serve in Your Community 

Many post-abortive women say their choice was greatly influenced by a perceived lack of support (whether that be emotionally, financially, etc.) from partners, family, or friends, making them feel as though becoming a mother wasn’t possible. Such data proves that we have our work cut out for us when it comes to making sure women don’t feel alone in their pregnancies.  

To create a culture where women feel they’re well-equipped to be ‘Mom,’ we need to both promote local pregnancy and parenting resources, as well as give of our own time, talents, and resources to these endeavors. This can look like offering babysitting services, buying diapers, volunteering at a local pregnancy resource center, making meals for post-partum mothers, helping with struggling families’ bills, etc.  

Thankfully, the pro-life movement also has a strong network of support — but we must keep it growing. Find out how you can help by checking out Standing With You, SFLA’s service initiative.  

4. Get Married & Create the Next Pro-Life Generation  

If we want to make America more pro-life, let’s make more pro-life Americans — and one way to do that is by getting married, having children, and instilling in them respect for the sanctity of life. This is a great idea for a couple reasons. 

First, choosing to engage in sexual activity after marriage makes sure that the person we may end up pregnant with is someone who we’re also comfortable parenting alongside. The reality is that sex is how babies are made — so it’s best to think wisely before hopping in bed. Second, when we do have children, we have the opportunity to make the world a better place by teaching them to be good pro-lifers who will in turn positively affect society. One of our main goals for their upbringing should be imparting life-affirming values.  

If the next generation knows that every life, no matter what, is valuable and precious and that abstinence is the only 100% risk-free contraception (be prepared otherwise to potentially have a child), we will be in much better shape.  

With these four ideas in mind, don’t just say you want a pro-life America — do something about it, and make it happen. The year 2024 has just started; you can even make it your New Year’s resolution to strive for meaningful, pro-life impact.  

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