If You are Celebrating Christmas, You are Celebrating What It Means to be Pro-Life 

Caroline Wharton - 22 Dec 2023
Guest post by SFLA Student Spokesperson Chloe Kramer

GUEST POST: When Christians celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. The story of Jesus’ life may seem like it started when he arrived in Bethlehem, but it began so much earlier. In reality, his story really began in the womb — just like every life. Throughout the Christmas season, there are so many ways that the pro-life message has been imprinted on our lives. That’s why we celebrate the gift of Jesus as the greatest pro-life story of all. Here’s what that means:   

When Mary found out that she was carrying Jesus, one of the very first things that she did was go to visit her cousin Elizabeth. Despite being infertile for many years and being old in age, Elizabeth was also pregnant with John the Baptist at the time. When Mary shared the news of her own pregnancy, Elizabeth told her, “The infant leaped for joy in my womb” (Luke 1:44.) This story shows us that — no matter how long you have been alive — you have an impact on the world. John the Baptist was changing the world before he was even born, as his actions from thousands of years ago have shown us even today the humanity of life in the womb.  

Kramer’s SFLA group doing a toy drive to donate to a local pregnancy resource center for the Christmas season

After leaving Elizabeth’s house, Mary and Joseph embarked on a long journey to Bethlehem yet they were not able to find a place to stay. The inn they inquired at had all the rooms were filled — so where did they go? A barn or what we often call a “manger.” Mary gave birth in this manger and welcomed baby Jesus to the world in the humblest of circumstances. Although He was born into poverty, it didn’t change what His life was going to accomplish. This shows us that no matter the circumstances of your conception, you have a purpose.  

Jesus’ life is exactly that which abortion supporters would say “isn’t worth living.” After all, He was born into poverty, experienced human suffering, and Mary was a young girl at his conception (most historians believe she was in her young teenage years). However, we commemorate this story because of the hope that brings. Although Jesus came as a defenseless child, He was going to bring joy to the world.  

North Dakota State University Students for Life

We celebrate all life during the Christmas season and acknowledge that life matters more than convenience. There’s joy and beauty in choosing life, even when the circumstances aren’t perfect. As we gather with our families and give to one another, we are remembering that sacrifice is when love truly shines. Mary courageously chose life for Jesus, even when the circumstances weren’t perfect. The same is true for you: your parents chose life, and you have a purpose.  

The Christmas message is counter-cultural to the messages we hear from the abortion industry every single day. We hear all the time that women “need” abortion because the mother or baby may experience hardship. However, what often feels impossible or unplanned is often the greatest blessing. This season reminds us of the beauty of life — no matter what — because your life has always had value since the moment your story began in the womb, and nothing can change that.  

Merry Christmas from the Pro-Life Generation!  

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