Time for a ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Rerun: Amidst Christmas Preparation, New York College Launches Film Competition to Celebrate Abortion  

Caroline Wharton - 12 Dec 2023

Despite global preparation for the celebration of Christmas this year, one college in New York has decided they’re opting to celebrate abortion instead — isn’t that jolly ironic? During this time in which Christians commemorate the birth of Baby Jesus, reports show that Barnard College has chosen to instead applaud the fact that, through the violence of abortion, many preborn children will sadly never see their own birthday. Here’s what you need to know:  

A report from The College Fix recently detailed that Barnard College in New York City is using its annual Athena Film Festival mentorship program “to celebrate and support abortion stories.” Is that how you say ‘Happy Holidays’ when you hate life? According to the news, the script competition winners will receive mentorship on how to better produce and direct films which praise and normalize abortion as the description reads: 

“The Abortion Pipeline Project (APP) is an annual narrative screenplay competition for feature and short film scripts which seeks to seed and source a variety of narrative film projects which center abortion…and will introduce writers to reproductive justice leaders to ensure the scripts are steeped in expertise.”  

Entries for the competition were asked to “have a woman, trans or non-binary character(s) in leadership role(s) or position(s)” and “contain representation of, meaningful mention of, or thematic reference to abortion.”  

While this competition topic is exceedingly inhumane (it’s like asking someone to celebrate Nazism or rape when both of those and abortion should be condemned), it’s understandable that the abortion lobby wants to create content that looks upon abortion favorably for their narrative. After all, let’s face it: nothing about abortion is warm or fuzzy like stories from the pro-life movement can often be.  

Surgical Abortion Tools

Why? Even if you call yourself “pro-choice,” killing kids isn’t something that makes anyone feel good deep down because we innately understand it’s a terribly sad thing

While not everyone can express why they feel this way due to pro-abortion indoctrination or mere passivity on the subject, it’s because abortion is a gross human rights violation inflicted on our most vulnerable.  

Expressing her own horror at the chosen topic for the film festival, Students for Life of America (SFLA) Northeast Regional Coordinator Penelope Rose stated:  

“Working with our New York SFLA groups who prioritize life-affirming events and actions on campus, it’s appalling to see Barnard College support and celebrate abortion in such an open way. In this Christmas season, as many of us celebrate the long-ago, sought-after birth of a baby, it feels particularly tone-deaf to commend killing babies.  

From the motion picture “It’s a Wonderful Life”

“In response to this, if your student group is interested in hosting a pro-life movie night or if you’re already on winter break and looking for something to watch at home or do with your church, another excellent suggestion to fully understand what’s happening at abortion facilities would be the 2019 film “Unplanned.” You can show the film “Unplanned” at your campus or church using a free screening license provided by SFLA. What better way to prepare for Christmas than to strengthen our resolve to help the precious preborn and vulnerable mothers?” 

Click HERE to learn more.  

Another line of thought that would be far better for this Advent season could also be found in the award-winning Christmas film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.” Released in 1946, the sentiments expressed in this movie ring just as true in 2023. When George Bailey contemplates suicide, wondering whether his life has purpose, Second Class Guardian Angel Clarence makes him see that all lives are beautiful, special, and needed, although we may each go through our own trials. This is just as true for our precious preborn babies.  

It would do Barnard College good to watch a rerun of this Christmas classic.  

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