Three Reasons Why Abortion Tourism or “Death Destinations” Are a Problem  

Caroline Wharton - 08 Dec 2023

In the wake of Roe v. Wade’s reversal, some pro-abortion states and municipalities — like California for example — have set themselves up as self-proclaimed “abortion sanctuaries.” This is a ridiculous term, as a sanctuary is a “place of refuge or safety,” and the preborn are clearly at high risk in such places. Regardless, these areas (which could better be known as death destinations) have become a sad source of abortion tourism.  

The Seattle Times recently reported that abortions within Washington have increased by 23% after a decadelong decline, and analysis of this data argues that much of the jump can be attributed to more nonresidents entering the state for abortions than previously. Indeed, the Planned Parenthood-founded Guttmacher Institute also recently released a report stating that “nearly 1 in 5 people who had an abortion in the first half of 2023 – more than 92,000 people – traveled across state lines” for the procedure/pills.  

Clearly, despite pro-life laws in place in many states across our country, abortion tourism is occurring — here’s three reasons the Pro-Life Generation should be concerned about it:   

The Undermining of Pro-Life Laws  

Perhaps most obvious, abortion tourism is an issue because it allows the preborn residents of states which protect life in law to be inhumanely killed by merely taking a car or plane ride into another state which doesn’t value their life. To the pro-abortion naysayers (or even lackluster “pro-life” politicians) who would respond that that’s the “beauty” of the United States allowing our individual states their own jurisdiction over most things, this is a matter entirely different.  

Colorado may do as they like with laws that make it illegal to keep a couch on a porch. Illinois is perfectly within their own to legalize underage culinary students to drink alcohol (provided they sip and spit). Driving laws can also differ from state to state — so what shouldn’t be within a state’s purview? Any sort of measures which limit individuals’ rights as laid out in the United States Constitution…i.e., the right to life.  

This right is unfortunately not recognized in every state today — which is why we need federal policy which makes it explicit that every life is valuable and deserving of protection, regardless of the circumstances.  

Post-Abortive Women’s Health and Safety  

When women travel for abortion procedures/pills and then return home, we should be concerned about a lack of medical supervision. 

No longer in the same state as the vendor who sold them their abortion, there aren’t in-person check-up appointments to ensure their body managed to handle the trauma of abortion. This is incredibly worrisome as the physical risks of abortion to women are legion, including: persistent bleeding, damage to cervix, abdominal pain or cramping, scarring of uterine lining, infection or sepsis, damage to other organs, maternal death, etc. (That’s not to mention a higher likelihood of mental health problems, as well.)  

Instead, abortion tourism creates medical isolation for women upon arriving home. As many abortionists and abortion supporters also advise women to lie to doctors if they experience complications from an abortion, studies show that this also puts them at even greater risk of surgery and multiple hospital admissions.  

Risk to Minors  

Abortion tourism sneaks a foot in the dangerous door that many pro-life states have tried to close; that is, it allows abusers the opportunity to continue covering up their sexual crimes by offering another avenue for minors’ abortions. This can look like an abuser travelling across state lines to purchase and bring back Chemical Abortion Pills before forcing their victim to take them or even taking their victim across state lines to procure an abortion, as well.  

Unfortunately, such circumstances aren’t speculation — this allegedly happened recently with a minor from Idaho who was sexually assaulted by an adult male and later taken to Oregon to have an abortion without her parents’ knowledge. To learn more about this sad story, click HERE.  

For all of these reasons, death destinations pose a real problem — and on top of that, they never fix the problem that vulnerable women really have: a lack of support and assistance. In. contrast to these “abortion sanctuaries,” the pro-life movement offers those in need of help a hand through their pregnancy and beyond into parenting, whether that be emotionally, financially, etc. 

And guess what? Unlike death destinations that take your money to kill your motherhood, our authentic service to women and families is always free. If you’re looking for true help, check out Students for Life of America’s Standing With You initiative.  

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