Another Reason Pharmacies Should ‘Halt’ Selling Chemical Abortion Pills: Pharmacists’ Licenses & Consciences Are At Stake  

Caroline Wharton - 16 Nov 2023

November is halfway gone, and that means we’re halfway through Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) HALT PHARMACY ABORTIONS Mobilization Month. From Washington state to New York, SFLA groups across the country have been demonstrating in front of their local pharmacies to tell them to stay out of the abortion business, and the protests just keep coming. 

While the Pro-Life Generation is focusing on the foremost reason that pharmacies have no place selling these deadly pills — medicine is meant to support life, not end it — licensed pharmacist and SFLA Outreach Coordinator Mary Curtis recently posited that there’s another factor that pharmacists should consider before dispensing.  

In an op-ed published at The Federalist entitled “California Jeopardizes Pharmacists’ Livelihoods To Export Abortions Out Of State,” Curtis noted that while California has promised to “protect” pharmacists selling Chemical Abortion Pills to out-of-state patients via a new law, her profession should be wary. She wrote: 

SFLA protestors in Denver, Colorado

“Take this plausible scenario for an example: A pharmacist in California mails abortion drugs to a state where they are illegal. The patient on the receiving end of this transaction was never physically examined by a physician (and certainly not by the person prescribing the pills) — a perilous practice that is gaining traction. Tragically, such a lack of oversight leads to the patient experiencing complications, and her life, along with her preborn child’s, is ended.    

“The laws governing the dispensing of chemical abortion pills are clear and unequivocal in this late patient’s state, and now the California pharmacist who prescribed the drugs faces charges of negligent homicide.    

“Can you really see a scenario in which a skillful lawyer stops pursuing these charges simply because California wants to claim that its laws hold “more weight” than those of another state?” 

SFLA students in Miami, Florida

And yes, the pro-life movement does have such skillful lawyers. As an example, a recent New York Times piece lauded the new House Speaker Mike Johnson for his previous work in successful litigation against the abortion industry. We’re grateful that many such lawyers are among the ranks of the pro-life movement — so if you plan to screw around with the preborn, prepare to find out what our legal friends can do because they will ensure our life-affirming laws are respected.   

Instead, Curtis reminded those in her field of the responsibility they have to practice ethically — abortion can never be ethical — and the fact that the weight of their own actions falls squarely on their own shoulders. This means that pharmacists should not expect to be protected by the self-proclaimed “god-state” California when women die or wrong prescriptions are given out (as happened in this real-life case recently). If anything, expect to find yourself out of luck and left high and dry.  

The answer to this problem? Don’t become an extension of the abortion industry.  

To read Curtis’ op-ed in its entirety at The Federalist, click HERE.  

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