What’s Wrong With the Windy City? For Peace & Police Protection in Chicago, You Must Prey on Preborn Children  

Caroline Wharton - 15 Nov 2023

Things can get wild in the Windy City. Homelessness and crime have greatly increased, and Chicago now ranks number 10 on the list of most murders per capita. What’s their city government doing about it? Increasing police protection — well, only if you’re an abortion vendor, that is. Apparently, if you want peace in this city, you’ve got to prey on the preborn. Here’s what you need to know:  

According to reports, the Chicago City Council Committee on Public Safety recently created a “quiet zone” around a West Loop abortion facility operated by the Family Planning Associates. This zone will “ban bullhorns, speakers and other amplification devices” from the streets surrounding the facility. The new ordinance comes on top of additional measures already made to increase quiet around abortion vendors, including more diligent and frequent police patrols and warning signs.  

These measures are ironic for a couple reasons — one being that many pro-lifers outside of abortion facilities are merely there to pray, and prayer is typically a pretty quiet affair (if not a totally silent one). How loud can it really be? And how does it compare and even get ranked higher in need of response than the noise of gunshots and homeless disturbances faced in much of the city? 

Second, it’s disappointing to think that instead of prioritizing the safety of their citizens, the Chicago City Council has prioritized giving abortionists “peace and quiet” to kill more of their citizens. Why is such dirty, inhumane work being facilitated?  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) Project Manager Autumn Doersching stated:  

“I’ve been a Chicago resident for the past five years, and I’ve unfortunately seen an increase in poor leadership, crime, and homelessness in that time. Now, abortion facilities are being protected while pro-life advocates are being punished for trying to help women and let them know there are other options than killing her child. Chicago itself is great, but the politics are ruining the city. After all, what does it say about our priorities when better protection and ensured peace is only given to those profiting off the deaths of preborn children?”  

With recent headlines in Chicago documenting bartenders being shot to death, wholesale store employees and customers being robbed at gunpoint, and the police department warning of a trend in burglaries occurring through roof break-ins, one has to wonder whether all businesses in Chicago will want to reclassify themselves as abortion vendors.  

After all, apparently all it takes to receive the white glove, premium protection treatment is killing babies for cash and harming women mentally/physically in the process.  

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