What We Know About the Top Nine Retail Pharmacies’ Decisions on Selling Chemical Abortion Pills 

Caroline Wharton - 02 Nov 2023

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opened the Chemical Abortion Pill Cartel up to pharmacies interested in opting into selling the deadly drugs, a can of worms was opened for both concerned consumers and conscience-stricken pharmacists. Due to the federal agency’s reckless decision, you might walk into your neighborhood pharmacy and wonder if the money you’re spending is helping the company sell death. A pro-life pharmacist may also worry they’ll be pressured to violate their conscience in the workplace — so what are the major retail pharmacies up to?

Here’s what we know so far on their decisions to get certified and sell mifepristone: 

Albertsons: Unknown

Albertsons, an American grocery store and drug retailer found primarily in the Western United States with 381 locations overall, has not confirmed or denied that they will be selling Chemical Abortion Pills. Although U.S. Senate Democrats have been urging the company to get certified with the FDA to sell mifepristone, their efforts have been unsuccessful thus far, according to reports stating the company is not selling the abortion drugs. 

Costco: Unknown 

Costco, a membership warehouse store operating in 46 different states, has made their position on selling Chemical Abortion Pills unknown, despite also receiving pressure from both Democrat senators and governorsReports indicate the company is not selling the drugs currently. 

CVS: YES to selling death 

CVS, a pharmacy with locations in all 50 states, has unfortunately bowed to the abortion lobby and agreed to opt into the FDA’s Chemical Abortion Pill program. One of the first companies after the FDA’s announcement to come out in favor of selling the abortion drugs, CEO Karen Lynch told Axios that the company would dispense mifepristone “where legally permissible.” 

Kroger: Unknown

Kroger, a grocery store and pharmacy with 1,238 locations in 16 states, has not made their position on Chemical Abortion Pills clear. The company has been under similar pressure from the abortion lobby in the Senate and gubernatorial offices, but reports as of yet say they are not selling mifepristone and have not made any public statements to that effect. 

Publix: Unknown

Publix, a grocery store and pharmacy with 1,351 locations primarily in the Southeast states, is also seemingly staying out of the abortion fight. The company was founded in Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis has been outspoken in opposing the distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills, and this may be a factor in their silence on the issue. Reports show they are not selling mifepristone. 

Rite Aid: YES to selling death 

Rite Aid, a nationwide pharmacy with 1,997 locations in the states, was another one of the first pharmacies to announce they would put profits over people. The company told Reuters it would sell mifepristone both in-person and through the mail — and we can’t help but think of karma as news comes out that Rite Aid has recently filed for bankruptcy, threatening the shutdown of many of their stores. 

Safeway: Unknown

Safeway, a grocery store and pharmacy with 915 locations in 17 states (as well as the District of Columbia), has not committed publicly to selling Chemical Abortion Pills. While the company has been under pressure from Democrat governors, it has yet to make a decision on the matter. 

Walgreens: YES to selling death 

Walgreens, a pharmacy with so many locations that around 80% of the U.S. population live within five miles of one, has unfortunately been “very clear” about their willingness to sacrifice women and the preborn’s health in order to kowtow to the abortion lobby. A spokesperson for Walgreens told The Hill:

“We want to be very clear about what our position has always been: Walgreens plans to dispense Mifepristone in any jurisdiction where it is legally permissible to do so. Once we are certified by the FDA, we will dispense this medication consistent with federal and state laws. Providing legally approved medications to patients is what pharmacies do and is rooted in our commitment to the communities in which we operate.”

Walmart: Unknown

Walmart, a grocery store and pharmacy with 4,616 locations in the United States, has not confirmed a decision on selling Chemical Abortion Pills. While the company has been publicly pressured by Senate Democrats to get certified and sell mifepristone, reports demonstrate that Walmart is not currently selling the abortion drugs. 

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