FETAL MODELS AREN’T FOOD: Abortion Lobby Hates Reality of Life in the Womb So Much They SWALLOWED Our Fetal Models 

Caroline Wharton - 20 Sep 2023
Guest post by Northeast Regional Coordinator Penelope Rose, with help from Caroline Wharton

Attention pro-abortion students: eating plastic fetal models is probably bad for your digestion…and definitely not good for your credibility.  

Who knew Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Fall 2023 What is a Person? Tour would need such a disclaimer — but a recent tour stop at Binghamton University in New York is proof. Here’s what happened on campus and how the tour (though early in the game) is off to a wild start already:  

When I arrived at the school and began setting up with the President of Binghamton Students for Life, I was initially concerned that we wouldn’t have many conversations because the scene was quiet. We had been told to set up in the library, and I hoped the environment would stifle students from discussing the abortion issue with us.  

My fears would be far too relieved later in the day.  

We began having a few conversations with students and even changed one mind entirely, which was very encouraging. However, things began to heat up afterwards when a group of pro-abortion students approached our display, yelling questions all at the same time. But that was only the first crowd. 

As time went on, a mob grew, getting louder and louder even though we kept our voices level. Staff members from the Multicultural Resource Center, who supplied us with the table, began getting concerned about the volume level in the library, but only our protestors were to blame. They wouldn’t quiet down.  

We continued to attempt to have conversations despite the din as more people entered the scene, most curious as to what was going on. When we began packing up as our designated time on campus was coming to an end, the crowd began to chant, “Hey hey, ho ho, anti-choice has got to go.” 

Pro-abortion students gathered at the display

(Ironically, there’s nothing “pro-choice” about the abortion lobby. Preborn babies never choose to die —and pro-lifers do support choices. If you choose to engage in sexual acts that have the potential to create new life, you may choose parenting or adoption for your child. Killing is never a viable option.)  

Amid the chaos, a couple of pro-abortion students stole three of our fetal models. I noticed them walking away from the table so I approached them and asked if they would return our materials. They smiled…and said they had swallowed them. Apparently, they weren’t joking either. One of the pro-life students, Logan Blakeslee, who was tabling with us saw the girl actually swallow a model. He also relayed that a university professor was present.  

Blakeslee said, “There are students at every college in the United States that cannot bear the thought of disagreement, as they are both coddled and frightened. They express themselves in ways that are increasingly graphic and illegal, and they act with impunity because institutions encourage this behavior. 

“I witnessed with my own eyes a student steal and swallow a silicon representation of a preborn fetus, as she was cheered on by a professor. Education is no longer the main objective of Binghamton University; the goal is now conformity.” 

Missing fetal models

Our seven-week model and nine-week models are believed to have been swallowed, and the 12-week fetal model was stolen, as well. We reported the incident to the campus police — and we hope the student reports it to her doctor. Who knows what adverse effects she may experience?  

Sadly, this is yet another example of the extremist nature of the abortion lobby. Abortion supporters can’t stand the reality of preborn humanity showcased in our fetal models so instead they eat them. While this may put life in the womb out of sight and out of mind (and in the digestive system), it doesn’t change the facts: the preborn are human beings that deserve rights — most importantly the right to live — like the rest of us.  

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