Courageous Mother with Cancer Rejects Abortion & Births Beautiful Girl: “Killing My Baby Wouldn’t Have Saved Me” 

Caroline Wharton - 15 Sep 2023

The abortion lobby and lip-service-only politicians could both use a strong dose of the courage and love embodied by Tasha Kann, a mother and cancer warrior who refused abortion following her diagnosis. While many in her position would have opted to lose their child and receive treatment sooner, Kann said “that was never an option,” showing a depth of moral conviction that many in our country are sorely lacking. Here’s what you need to know about her heartwarming story:  

In an interview with Fox News Digital recently, Kann relayed that her battle with cancer began in 2021. Now understood to be a Gliomatosis Cerebri (an aggressive tumor that affects the central nervous system and brain), she initially thought she just had a stroke when symptoms appeared. However, a scan showed a large brain mass instead — and while that was nightmare enough, Kann’s medical team recommended she abort her baby, as well.  

She said, “[The doctors] told me my best chances of survival would be to get an abortion and start treatment immediately — which might give me five to eight years of survival.”  

Disgusted with the suggestion, Kann refused, stating that abortion went against her religious beliefs and logically adding, “If the cancer was already as bad as they said, killing my baby wouldn’t have saved me anyway. I decided to go home and do my own research and figure it out, while keeping my baby alive.”  

Gracey, Kann’s baby girl, was born in October 2022, and upon her safe delivery, Kann began receiving alternative immunotherapy at an integrative cancer treatment center.  

Kann said, “Every single day, I look at my beautiful baby and think about how easy it was for them to tell me to abort — like she was nothing. If I had listened — like most patients do, because they trust their doctors and don’t do their own research — my baby wouldn’t be here. It’s a miracle from God that we are both here.” 

Unfortunately, Kann’s cancer has taken a turn for the worse, and she does feel the symptoms of her diseased body daily as she struggles to fight back. Yet even with setbacks, she knows she made the right decision. Abortion isn’t a cure for cancer (though pro-abortion doctors may frame it that way, as evidenced in the Fox article) and while treatment sooner may have bought her more years, Kann acknowledges as a former hospice nurse that that isn’t always the case. In her profession, she’s seen many individuals under treatment succumb to cancer, despite best efforts.  

Instead, Kann finds that it is her beautiful family that pushes her to fight back every day. It is for them that she wants to become healthy.  

She said, “My husband is my main support system. He’s amazing, and I wouldn’t be able to heal like I am without him. And the smiles and laughter of my kids help keep me strong and remind me to keep going. The only thing I ever wanted to be in life was a mom.”  

Now a mother twice over with little Gracey and two-year-old son Deklan, Kann is inspiring pregnant and parenting mothers across the country to love radically in the face of the radical abortion lobby. Legislators should take notes, as well. Too afraid to protect life for fear you’ll lose votes? Kann had much more at stake. Once again, we look to amazing mothers and ask our country’s leaders to have just one ounce of the same moral convictions and courage.  

If you’d like to help contribute to Kann’s expensive cancer treatment, click HERE to view the GoFundMe page set up by her friends and family.  

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