WATCH: Aborting Demon Babies?! The Link Between Abortion & Satanism Revealed in Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red” Video 

Caroline Wharton - 13 Sep 2023

Singer and rapper Doja Cat recently released a new music video for her song “Paint the Town Red,” and many viewers are finding the demonic content disturbing. What is even more notable and stomach-turning, however, is the clear imagery of abortion and its ties to Satanism.  

In the video, the singer is portrayed as a naked she-devil with a nude male demonic figure next to her — and beside the unholy couple is what appears to be a womb or amniotic sac hanging from the ceiling by an umbilical cord. Within this womb, there is seemingly a fetus, and Doja Cat strokes the sac before cutting it down and letting it fall to the floor.  

What should we take from this? That it is absolutely true that abortion is celebrated — and by some, like The Satanic Temple, it’s even worshipped. Students for Life of America Digital Engagement Strategist Anna Lulis said in a video reaction, “It’s not hard for us to see that abortion is literally a sacrament of Satan.”  

Watch her full react below:  

*VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Imagery of nude demons included in the music video clips*

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