CNN Falsely Assumes Texas Pro-Life Laws Are “Fueling” Infant Mortality Rates — Also Since When Did They Care?  

Caroline Wharton - 21 Jul 2023

The maestro of misinformation — that is, CNN News — is back at it again with another skewed story on Texan birth numbers. Earlier this month, the outlet bemoaned the fact that 10,000 more babies were born in the Lone Star State, and now they’re also trying to link an increased infant mortality rate to pro-life laws. An impressive feat of doublespeak: Pro-life laws both allowed more babies to live and killed more babies! While the first assertion is undoubtedly true and worthy of celebration, let’s discuss why the latter is both ironic and incorrect.  

The CNN article, entitled “Nearly Two Years After Texas’ Six-Week Abortion Ban, More Infants Are Dying,” attempts to make the case that Texas’ abortion prevention laws “may be fueling a sudden spike in infant mortality as women are forced to carry nonviable pregnancies to term.” Keep that language in mind to make fun of later.  

To make this point, the piece uses new data obtained through a public records request which shows that around 2,200 infants died in Texas in 2022. CNN contrasts this number with 2021 infant deaths, showing that there was an increase of 11.5% overall. For infant deaths specifically caused by “severe genetic and birth defects,” that number rose by 21.6%.  

To give credit where it is due, CNN does note that this increase in infant mortality “could partly be explained by the fact that more babies are being born in Texas.” Good thought, Sherlock — but then they trip themselves up again by going back to their initial faulty logic. The article quotes a Boston OB/GYN saying, “We all knew the infant mortality rate would go up, because many of these terminations were for pregnancies that don’t turn into healthy normal kids. It’s exactly what we all were concerned about.”  

Here’s a couple reasons why that is an issue:

1. In a nutshell, that reasoning looks something like this: If Texan laws allowed parents to kill more kids in the womb, there would be less kids dying after birth which would be better. Let the crickets sing their haunting song here — because the abortion lobby is totally a-okay with killing these kids in the womb. It’s just when they die naturally that it’s a bother.  

2. The general assertion here is that it’s heartless to allow a natural death rather than intervening to cut their lives even shorter, but who is that actually better for again? Definitely the abortion industry because they’ll make a pretty penny but not so for parents and children. Should a parent have to know their child died by their hand rather than that they had the opportunity to provide motherly and fatherly love until the moment of natural death, whenever that may come?

And for that child — who are we to say when their life should end? Every life, no matter how short or long, is meaningful and has a purpose. To snuff one out for our own convenience or personal perception that “it’s better for the child” is selfish and denies that little person the right to life and the dignity to a natural death.  

To learn more about prenatal hospice — the life-affirming option for both parents and children in these situations — read two other Students for Life of America (SFLA) blogs entitled “Perinatal Hospice Is the Compassionate Choice for Parents & Child” and “Perinatal Hospice: Babies with Life-Limiting Conditions & Their Families Deserve Love, Not Abortion.”  

3. This also ignores reports which clearly show that prenatal diagnoses are wrong the majority of the time. Based on a widespread array of data and studies, the New York Times found that 85% of positive results on common prenatal tests are incorrect. Some popular tests have even been shown to be wrong more than 90% of the time. This means that many of the children who have been aborted due to prenatal diagnoses were actually “healthy, normal kids”— but even if this weren’t the case, it doesn’t make it okay to kill children with special needs. 

Near the end of this article, CNN also throws around the idea of pro-life laws affecting maternal mortality rates, conveniently forgetting that every single abortion prevention law in the country protects miscarriage care. SFLA has also debunked this myth so many times that it’s not funny.  

Nice job, CNN — you’ve officially failed another fact check. All in a good day’s work, right?   

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