National Celebrate Life Day Was a Hit — Just Check Out The Media!

Caroline Wharton - 28 Jun 2023

Unless you exclusively read The Washington Post, you probably have seen or read content about the recently passed National Celebrate Life Day because coverage of this celebration was huge. While the Post did run a piece about the pro-abortion Women’s March on the anniversary of Dobbs, the news outlet somehow failed to see the nearly 5,000 pro-lifers out in full force for this rally in Washington, D.C. Clearly, their reporters need their eyes checked — but most other outlets appear to have 20/20 vison, reporting extensively on this event. Read and watch below to learn more about the National Celebrate Life Day Rally through different sources:  

You can watch the entire event here as C-SPAN streamed National Celebrate Life Day live: Mike Pence & Activists Speak at “National Celebrate Life Day” Rally 

For Your Reading Pleasure:  

  • Fox News also zoned in on this rhetoric, quoting Pence as saying: “We stand for babies, for their unalienable right to life. We stand for the right of every mother and father to experience the inexpressible joy of looking into the eyes of their own. We stand for families who long to open their hearts to adoption.”  
  •  Washington Examiner put out a beautiful piece on the event, stating that “gratitude, faith, and resolve” took center stage. It also noted the quick dispersal of a few abortion supporters who attempted to disrupt the rally. It read, “The first National Celebrate Life Day featured an all-star lineup of pro-life figures and attendees from across generations ringing in a new era of their movement with hope and solidarity. A vastly smaller band of protesters tried to crash the event with profanity and pro-abortion chants. Young supporters of Students for Life of America quickly drowned them out by chanting, “We are the pro-life generation, and we will abolish abortion!”” 
  • Reuters also reported on the co-hosted event.   
  • A reporter from The Federalist said that the event “marks a hopeful path forward for pro-lifers” and spoke with multiple attendees, including SFLA’s Anna Lulis. Lulis clarified the movement’s goal, saying: “It’s great that we were able to reverse Roe V. Wade, but there’s a new dream for the pro-life movement, and that is to abolish abortion in America. That starts with the federal government protecting every single human life by protecting all human rights from the womb and at the moment of conception.” 
  • Providing another livestream of the event, Breitbart shared the unified goal of National Celebrate Life Day: promoting 14 Amendment protections for all.  
  • The Catholic News Agency published great photos and quotes from speakers and rally attendees, including Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor and pro-life activist, who was at the rally with her daughter. The article read, “Her daughter Olivia said it was “amazing” to be at the rally with her mom and called the issue an emotional one because “people like my mom should be protected no matter who they are, where they are.””  
  • The Daily Caller linked in footage of the few event protestors in their story, and it’s interesting to see how the abortion supporters attempted to disrupt pro-life free speech — and eventually failed.  
  • The hot and humid weather conditions were noted by the Washington Times, which wrote that “participants braved muggy heat” to attend the event, “which ranged in tone from patriotic celebration to church service” as rally speakers gave “religious, legal and scientific reasons to push Congress for a federal abortion ban in the wake of Dobbs.”  
  • At Our Sunday Visitor, pro-lifers of many different backgrounds and ages were interviewed on why they chose to attend, and while their individual stories are different, each agreed that it was time for pro-life action.  

While these are some exciting highlights, there are more publications that covered our event and spread our message to thousands of readers and viewers throughout the country. Sign up for SFLA’s newsletter to stay in the loop with the latest in the pro-life movement.  

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