In Case You Missed It: The Ultimate Hunter College Media Coverage Roundup  

Caroline Wharton - 30 May 2023

If you’ve watched the news, listened to a political podcast, or read a newspaper article lately, you are probably familiar with the incident at Hunter College and the resulting chaos afterwards. This story, involving a Students for Life of America (SFLA) campus display being destroyed by a professor, has been blasted across media platforms for days straight. If it doesn’t ring a bell, we have to wonder — do you live under a rock? — but don’t worry. Here’s a media roundup of coverage to get you up to speed on the ex-faculty member we’ve dubbed ‘Professor I Hate Motherhood But I Heart Machetes:’  

(Click HERE to read our initial blog on the incident entitled “VIDEO: Fetusphobic Professor Becomes Unhinged Over Peaceful Pro-life Students on Campus, Destroys Display.”) 

Jesse Waters PrimeTime 

Fox News commentator Jesse Waters had the machete-threatened New York Post reporter Reuven Fenton on his show to talk about the incident. Fenton noted that having a large knife held to his throat while on the job “was a first” and definitely “something memorable for a change.” He also spoke out on the show about how it was “painful to watch” the peaceful pro-life students get confronted and abused by the radical and rude professor.  

Kaleigh McEnany at Fox News 

The former White House press secretary Kaleigh McEnany was shocked by the video, saying, “This is a professor teaching our children — this is crazy.” She also called out the teacher’s union at Hunter College for backing up the professor despite clear wrongdoing.  

Candace Owens Podcast  

Conservative commentator with The Daily Wire Candace Owens covered this incident on her podcast earlier in a video entitled “UNHINGED Professor Destroys Pro-Life Display.” She’s got that take right.  

The Ingraham Angle  

One of the students who was featured in SFLA’s viral video of the incident, Patrick Rubi, appeared on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’ with host Laura Ingraham. He was also featured on Fox News multiple other times to talk about the state of pro-life speech on campus.  

The Fox Five  

On ‘The Five,’ host Greg Gutfield joked that the ex-professor was clearly a victim. He said, “Anybody who objects to somebody trying to kill you with a machete has to be a bad, evil racist. From now on, you must embrace any machete-wielding person, or you are a machete-phobe.” Co-host Dana Perino argued that her abuse of the pro-life students was enough to constitute a removal from her position — they didn’t need to wait until she waved a machete around. 

Perino stated, “They had pamphlets and brochures for information… and she yelled abuse at them. Is this the kind of professor that you want around your students? I would have fired her for that instead. She uses all of that language because her union is backing her up. She’ll probably figure out a way to stay within the system somehow.”  

The Bill O’Reilly Show  
Jonathan Turley at the New York Post  

If you want some excellent analysis on the Hunter College incident as it relates to the current state of American colleges today, click HERE to read Jonathan Turley’s latest op-ed at the New York Post entitled “Only thing shocking about machete attack was a college actually firing a woke professor.”  

Turley writes, “The most remarkable aspect of the story may not be a professor brandishing a knife, but a college actually finding a basis to fire an activist academic. Hunter College, after all, had refused to fire Rodríguez after she trashed a pro-life table run by students. She is not the first academic to attack a pro-life display or even assault others.”  

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk also responded to the incident online, tweeting: “This pro-abortion radical professor, Shellyne Rodriquez, curses at pro-life students and then vandalizes a  

@StudentsforLife table. She should be fired immediately.”  

Other pieces regarding the incident can be found at the Daily Caller, BBC News, the Christian Post, CBN, The Blaze, American Thinker, Christianity Daily, National Review, and the New York Post.  

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