New Wall Street Journal Poll Highlights How Abortion Mentality Has Harmed Our Country’s Values  

Caroline Wharton - 28 Mar 2023

As a newly released poll from the Wall Street Journal is making the rounds, many are shocked by what it has revealed about modern American society’s views on patriotism and religion — and for our part, the poll’s findings on raising children are particularly troubling. It should be unsurprising, however, considering the near 50 years that Roe v. Wade indoctrinated our society; this survey is just a snapshot of its effects. Here’s what it found and why it matters:  

Conducted in the first half of March 2023 through surveying more than 1,000 people, the Wall Street Journal/NORC poll found that the percentage of Americans overall who believe raising children is “very important” has fallen to only 30% compared to nearly 60% in 1998. Of younger Americans, less than a quarter (23%) report that having children is very important to them, and it’s not much better with senior Americans at less than one-third percent (32%).  

These sad results are unfortunately a sentiment that we’re also seeing echoed in celebrity culture as public figures denounce the idea of having children. One example is Chelsea Handler who made a video for a Comedy Central show called “A Day in the Life of a Childless Woman,” celebrating her ability to do drugs, sleep in, have meaningless hook-ups, and do “what the f*ck” she feels like. Seth Rogen is yet another — he has said his secret to doing so much work is “I don’t have kids…I have nothing else to do.”  

Americans’ increasing flippancy on the value of children and the family is a heartbreaking reality and one that we need to understand finds much support in the abortion mindset — indeed, after nearly a half century under Roe, this is what we should expect.  

Following the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins called the 1973 ruling a “cancer growing in our Constitution resulting in more than 63 million deaths,” but we know that it was a cancer for the American mind, as well.  

The pro-abortion mindset that has become mainstream posits many harmful ideas — the foremost being that a preborn child in the womb isn’t worthy of life. Other notions include the idea that women need abortion to succeed; that being a mother isn’t fulfilling or possible for a careerwoman; that sexual partners aren’t a huge decision; and that growing a family isn’t important.  

As many in American society roll their eyes and sigh about the “burden” and “impracticality” of children, the Pro-Life Generation needs to remind them that new life is an exciting and meaningful blessing.  

Richard Cromwell recently put it beautifully at The Federalist, writing:  

“[C]hildren are the future. No, not in the “We Are the World” sense, but in that they are your bridge to tomorrow. They are your legacy, particularly if, like most of us, you are not going to live for earthly eternity in glory or infamy. Children are a reason to build. They are the impetus for cultivating beauty and greatness, for creating durable foundations. They are the why when it comes to thinking about what the world will be like after we’re gone.”  

We need to take this new poll as a marker for how far gone our society is — and a motivator for how hard we need to work to change it. It’s time we dismiss pro-abortion lies and bring back the centrality of the family. No doubt about it, raising children is hard work, but a healthy family is vital for a satisfied individual and a strong society overall.   

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