Stop Gaslighting Women Who Lost Children: People Magazine Tells Jessa Duggar Her Miscarriage Was an Abortion  

Caroline Wharton - 01 Mar 2023

On the list entitled ‘All The Reasons Why the Abortion Lobby Stinks,’ a real hard hitter is the fact that many women are lied to in different ways by the abortion industry — including women like celebrity Jessa Duggar who has been insensitively told that her recent miscarriage was basically the same thing as a direct abortion. Here’s what happened and why her story is so different:  

Jessa Duggar Seewald, a former star on the ‘19 Kids and Counting’ show on TLC,  posted a heartbreaking video recently on YouTube, explaining that she had miscarried, and as part of her miscarriage care, had undergone a dilation and curettage procedure (otherwise known as a D&C) to remove the dead baby from her uterus. This procedure is sometimes used in miscarriage care to prevent infections in mothers, and its removal of a naturally dead baby is worlds different from a direct abortion which first intentionally kills the baby before removing it.  

The abortion lobby, however, likes to blur those clear lines.  

People Magazine recently published an article, entitled “Jessa Duggar Says She Had a D&C, How Does That Differ from Other Abortion Procedures?”, which even from the title phrase ‘other abortion procedures’ seems purposely misleading. The author, Vanessa Etienne, writes the much same within in the text of the article. After going through the different kinds of abortion, which included Dilation and Evacuation (D&E), and Chemical Abortion Pills, she concludes, “The main difference between the types of abortions is timing of the procedures.”  

However, timing isn’t the “main difference” between the procedure Duggar Seewald had and the others Etienne listed; intent is the difference.  

When Duggar Seewald received her D&C, the intent was to remove her diseased preborn child from her womb in order to prevent infection from the miscarriage. However, when a D&C is used in a direct abortive way — and the same goes for the other methods of abortion — the intent is to kill the preborn child and then remove it. It’s a tragic difference.  

The Association of American Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) affirmed this to Students for Life of America (SFLA), saying:   

“Procedures sometimes used to perform induced abortions, such as a D&C, are procedures commonly performed in the practice of obstetrics for the management of miscarriage.  All OB/GYN resident physicians, even those who train at hospitals who do not perform abortions or those who choose not to perform abortions, are well-trained in these procedures as part of their management of miscarriage. Miscarriage management is a part of every OB/GYN’s practice, as opposed to abortion which is not performed by 76-93% of OB’s.”  

Not only is it factually incorrect to act as though this miscarriage care is the same as a direct abortion, but it is also extremely insensitive to women who have experienced miscarriages. These are women who wanted their babies and cried over their babies’ death; Duggar Seewald tellingly named her YouTube video announcement “Heartbreak Over the Holidays.” When a woman has suffered the emotional trauma of a miscarriage, perhaps nothing could be more thoughtless than to imply her experience was the same as an abortion because she had no choice in the matter of her child’s death.  

The abortion lobby does this in a sick attempt to co-opt women into believing abortion is fine by trying to make them believe they had one, too. It’s a twisted strategy that is built on deception and manipulation, but the Pro-Life Generation won’t stand for it because we stand with women — and they deserve to know the truth. Their miscarriage care wasn’t an abortion; period.  

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