Pro-Abortion Students Yell “We Want To See Them Dead” About Preborn Children on University of Vermont Campus  

Caroline Wharton - 30 Jan 2023
Guest post by SFLA Northeast Field Operations Coordinator Savannah Craven

GUEST POST: Conversation — the logical, peaceful discussion of ideas — is exactly what the abortion lobby is afraid of because they know their position can’t hold up against the truth. This is why when I recently brought a tabletop for discussion purposes to a campus in Vermont, I was stormed by pro-abortion protestors, who stole from me, harassed me, and even told me they wanted to see preborn children dead. Here’s what happened: 

I recently brought the Students for Life of America (SFLA) Human Rights Tabletop to the University of Vermont with my colleague Autumn Elkins, the New York and Vermont Leadership Institute Field Representative. Our morning started out beautifully as we had conversations with both sides of the aisle of the abortion issue. However, it slowly turned into an angry pro-abortion mob that had as little respect for us as they do for the preborn.  

The mob began taking photos and laughing at our display, as well as holding signs in opposition to the pro-life message. About 30 minutes later, a larger crowd began to form with counter-protesters blocking access to the table. As confusion reigned, the abortion supporters took advantage of the chaos, yelling hateful comments to us and stealing one of our fetal models.  

When we noticed the theft, I asked the crowd, “Who stole the 7-week-old fetal model?”  

I was answered by mocking laughter all around, and then one pro-abortion student shouted, “We want to see them dead!”  

Two pro-abortion boys also outright admitted to me that the preborn are children alive in the womb — yet they were still alright with killing them through abortion. Apparently, “they [the pro-abortion students] had done worse things.” Worse than killing preborn children? How low do their standards go?   

 Another pro-abortion student stole the entire SFLA sign-up sheet which had the personal contact information for many interested students. Soon after this, the Student Life Administration came to ask the students to move out of the way as they were blocking our table. Most of the students refused until the administrator said that if they did not move out from in front of our table, she would have to call someone to help her with next steps.

I was very grateful that although the Student Life Administrator might not have agreed with us, she was defending our First Amendment rights on campus.  

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When our time slot for tabling finished up, we headed to the Student Life office to submit an incident report. Two campus police officers listened to us, and we’re so grateful that they agreed we have the right to be on campus and will investigate the issue.  

It’s horrible that the abortion mob thinks that it’s perfectly alright to treat the pro-life movement this way, and it says something clearly about how pro-abortion ethics play out: if you’re alright with violence in the most vulnerable of all places (the womb), you’re A-Okay with violence anywhere.  

Stay tuned to the SFLA blog for more updates on this case.  

EDITOR’S NOTE: The pro-abortion students who stole the fetal model have now made an Instagram account for it. The irony is that the account states “freedom is pretty cool, f*ck pro-lifers” while totally missing the point that abortion strips preborn children of their primary freedom: the right to live.

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