Being Pro-Life Changes How I Live My Whole Life 

Caroline Wharton - 30 Nov 2022
Guest post by Student Spokesperson Katie Rose Geer

GUEST POST: At the heart of the pro-life movement exists the truth that all human life is valuable regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, size, location, level of development, political or religious beliefs, etc. This means that the lives of pro-life individuals (in how we treat ourselves and others) should be in contrast to the pro-abortion culture we live in.  

If we fully accept and live by the truth that all humans have intrinsic value, our lives should look vastly different from those who do not accept this truth. This truth should impact every aspect of our lives — not just our political beliefs. After all, how we view ourselves, others, and the world around us are crucial determinants of our social, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.  

Members of the Pro-Life Generation prepare gifts for expectant mothers

The way I view and manage my relationships and sexuality is significantly influenced by my pro-life values. Working with vulnerable, young mothers and witnessing the brokenness of families in America has shown me the importance of dating with intentionality to build healthy family values. It has also shown me the relational, physical, emotional, and societal consequences of sexual activity outside of a stable, committed relationship. 

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Above all else, my pro-life values have taught me the power of love. Love can change cities, impact futures, and even save lives. As the Pro-Life Generation, we must stand in love; not only for the preborn, but for all human beings, regardless of any condition.  

For all members of the Pro-Life Generation, I challenge you to proclaim the truth that all humans are valuable by living a life of love towards yourself, others, and (perhaps most importantly) your enemies. Visit the elderly and sing Christmas carols this season at a nursing home to reflect the truth that respecting life has no expiration date. Bake a lasagna for your next-door neighbor who is going through a trial, showing that no matter what hardships you experience in life, your life is sacred and deserving of support. Knit hats for the homeless, write a letter to your grandma, and babysit for free — there are so many opportunities to show life love. 

In doing these things, you will never forget the value and worth that all humans have.  

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