NEW REPORT: Students for Life Finds More Than 10 Christian Universities Still Have Not Cut Ties with Planned Parenthood

Caroline Wharton - 14 Nov 2022

Since Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement launched its Christians Schools Project a year ago, its research has analyzed and rated 784 Christian schools. The objective? Urging more Christian universities to cut ties with America’s leading abortion vendor, Planned Parenthood.   

Through education and communication with SFLA, we’ve reported that 40 Christian colleges and universities broke their affiliation with the abortion giant. We’ve also been glad to see more life-affirming resources for students shared by universities such as SFLA’s supportive services initiative Standing With You.  

While the Christian School Project has been a great success, not all Christian colleges broke ties with Planned Parenthood. As we reassess the research annually, SFLA has already found 11 Christian schools with a ‘F’ rating, meaning they are still promoting abortion as a student resource.  

With dozens of Christian schools promoting Planned Parenthood, here are the 11 worst performing universities found in our research:

11 Worst Performing Christian Schools that Failed to Promote Life 

  1. Augsburg University: This Lutheran school received a ‘F’ rating again due to continuing to explicitly promote Planned Parenthood as an emergency contraception resource through its student counseling services. You can take action by signing our petition HERE and call on Augsburg University to break their ties with Planned Parenthood. 
  1. Duke University: This United Methodist school received a ‘F’ rating yet again due to continuing to provide their students with internships with Planned Parenthood while their Obstetrics and Gynecology School of Medicine promotes Chemical Abortion pills. CLICK HERE to sign SFLA’s petition and help kick Planned Parenthood out of Duke University! 
  1. Elizabethtown College: This Christian school (loosely affiliated with the Church of the Brethren) received a ‘F’ rating again due to Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates continuously being promoted as an internship opportunity and Planned Parenthood being promoted on campus as a sexual health resource. Sign your name to our petition HERE!  
  1. Emory University: This Christian school yet again received a ‘F’ rating due to promoting “abortion care” numerous times on their public health page. Want to make your voice heard at Emory? Sign SFLA’s petition page HERE!   
  1. Ohio Wesleyan University: This Wesleyan Methodist school unfortunately maintained its ‘F’ rating by continuing to promote Planned Parenthood as an internship opportunity for numerous departments. Help us kick Planned Parenthood out of Ohio Wesleyan University HERE!  
  1. Macalester College: This Presbyterian school retained its previous ‘F’ rating by continuing to offer and promote internships with Planned Parenthood to students. Tell the administration better options exist for their students by signing your name here!  
  1. Moravian College: There was no rating improvement for this Christian school which again promoted Planned Parenthood as a preferred emergency contraception option and as an internship opportunity. Will you help by contacting Moravian College and urging them to cut ties with Planned Parenthood?  
  1. Muhlenberg College: This Lutheran school maintained its previous failed rating by SFLA due to its referral for pregnant students to Planned Parenthood for “emotional support” while offering Planned Parenthood internships and celebrating internship experiences of previous students. We know there are far better options for parenting students; help us educate Muhlenberg College HERE!  
  1. Rhodes College: This Presbyterian school maintained its failing grade by continuing to recommend Planned Parenthood as a health resource, emphasizing community service by involvement with the local Planned Parenthood, and referring students with sexual health questions to Planned Parenthood. We need your NAME HERE to help us kick Planned Parenthood out of Rhodes College so more students can learn about life-affirming resources.  
  1. Hamline University: This United Methodist school continues to encourage abortion through its Counseling & Health Services, as well as through offering their students Planned Parenthood internships so it continues to receive a failed rating. Will you help by contacting President Fayneese Miller and urging Hamline University to cut ties with Planned Parenthood?  
  1. St. Olaf College: This Lutheran school maintained its previous ‘F’ rating by continuing to provide parents of incoming freshmen students with resources created by Planned Parenthood and promoting internships with the abortion vendor. Take a few seconds to SIGN YOUR NAME so St. Olaf College administration will break their ties with Planned Parenthood. 

As we monitor schools around the nation, SFLA previously reported on the University of Notre Dame (UND) which held an A+ rating. Rogue UND Professor Tamara Kay made it evident that she won’t be following the university’s high ideals when it comes to abortion and conspired to create spaces on campus where students can commit abortion.  

Since Professor Kay’s position hasn’t been endorsed by the university, UND has retained its high rating, but we hope this professor will help her students obtain real, life-affirming resources and not risky Chemical Abortion pills among other dangerous options.  

Stay tuned to the blog as SFLA will release its complete 2022 findings on the Christian Schools Project next month!

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