The Sound of Death Heard ‘Round the World; NPR’s Horrific Abortion Audio  

Caroline Wharton - 06 Nov 2022

If you listen to National Public Radio (NPR), you may have stumbled across a shocking and disturbing segment this week when the program decided to air the recorded audio of a surgical abortion — a choice that has rightfully inflamed critics across the nation.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins recently spoke out on this topic with a timely op-ed at Fox News entitled, “Horrific NPR Abortion Audio Shows Americans How Terrible Procedure and NPR Truly Are.” Hawkins wrote:  

“In the 1980s, a movie called The Silent Scream, narrated by former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, horrified many Americans as it showed a baby in the womb via ultrasound, trying to avoid the instruments of abortion. At one point, the baby’s mouth opens in obvious distress, a cry for help that didn’t come. Then that life was over. This week, in a horrifying lack of judgment, NPR broadcast the sound track to such deaths, as they inexplicably aired an audio recording of a woman getting a suction abortion in Michigan.  

“Far from normalizing the end of innocent life, the sounds of death, the tears of a mother saying she can’t do this, and the relentless voice of a woman whose business is death saying, “Yes, you can,” combine in a moment in which the listener knows something terribly permanent took place. And a mother has a recording, broadcast nationwide, of the last moments of her child’s life. How incredibly painful and uniquely terrible.”  

(Actress Anne Hathaway is on a mission to “normalize” abortion, as well — and she recently even said abortion is “another word for mercy.” Click HERE to find out more.)  

Hawkins went on to condemn the abortion industry that manipulates women even to the extent that if they begin to waver in their decision, they are coerced  through it anyways — and sadly, this isn’t the first time the public has heard a story of such force. Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) recently recalled telling abortion facility staff during an abortion appointment that she hadn’t made up her mind, but the nurse refused to listen and aborted the child, anyways.  

Hawkins continued:  

“Apologists for abortion will try to gloss over this tragedy. Some will pull out the discredited and abortion-industry produced “Turnaway” study, which they claim finds that after a while, women are not torn to emotional shreds by the abortions they suffered through. The abortion-supported Bixby Center makes this claim by pushing forward a limited data poll of women who support abortion, and not including those who left the study in sorrow.   

“Surveying the people who agree with you isn’t “science;” it’s social isolation. In the pro-life movement, where a loving army of volunteers work daily with women eaten up by regret and some of our colleagues mourn lost children, we know that abortion isn’t the end of all problems. Abortion is the end of a life and the beginning of new problems.” 

To read the rest of this article at Fox News, click HERE.  

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