Dear Yahoo! Finance, You Better Be Joking — Or Do You Actually Not Understand Supply & Demand?  

Caroline Wharton - 11 Oct 2022

A shocking, new pro-abortion article was recently put out by Yahoo! News, and we wish it could be explained as satire. However, considering that it was written by their finance reporter, we’re going to have to chalk this up to egregious eugenics acceptance because this piece reads like a diary entry straight out of the notorious eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s journal. Yes, it’s that bad. Here’s what you need to know about this stunningly inhumane article that lacks total awareness on supply and demand:  

Written by Sandra Salathe, the Senior Editor of Yahoo! Finance, this distasteful article is entitled “America is Facing a Diaper Crisis, and the Anti-Abortion Movement is Making It Worse.” Let just that title sink in for a moment; making it worse how? The implication is that we are protecting more babies’ lives and thus more babies are being born (which means more bottoms to be diapered — how dare we?). Salathe might take note of this fundamental process known as supply and demand.   

And it gets even worse within the actual text of the article.  

Salathe’s article specifically targets pro-life pregnancy resource giant Heartbeat International, an organization which reported that it provided almost two million individuals with free baby supplies, including more than two million baby outfits, more than 19,000 strollers, and more than 1.2 million packs of diapers in 2019 — clearly making a huge difference for mothers and families in unplanned pregnancies and in need (something Planned Parenthood could never do).  

Although it seems as though it would be hard to take an issue with such impressive numbers, Salathe quotes an individual who claims to have intimate knowledge of Heartbeat International and asserts that those aforementioned numbers are incorrect, instead stating that pregnancy resource centers like Heartbeat actually “do more harm than good.”  

And what harm might that be?  

(CLICK HERE to read about Senator Warren’s attack against Heartbeat International.) 

Well, Salathe goes on to list the many ways that a diaper shortage is harmful for both mothers and babies, but instead of inferring that maybe we should just fix the diaper shortage, she seems to imply that it would just be better to have a shortage of babies — you know, through abortion. There’s a phrase for that line of inhumane reasoning, and it goes Let’s end the sufferer instead of ending the suffering.  

Here are a couple other examples of such reasoning:  

  1. Kill the homeless instead of dealing with housing problems and mental illnesses.  
  1. Kill children in foster care instead of working to reform the current system.  
  1. Kill older generations instead of providing elder care and addressing aging health concerns. 

Sadly, this non-satirical article sounds a lot like a famous piece of satire called “A Modest Proposal” which was written in 1729  by Jonathan Swift (who also wrote “Gulliver’s Travels”). This notorious essay was directed at English landowners who continually wrung their hands over the problem of Irish children dying from poverty yet also continued to act mercilessly towards them and provide no solution. In his essay, Swift suggests that instead of working to feed these starving children, the country should actually decide to start eating the babies that are too poor to eat thus providing everyone with more food and having less babies be hungry.  

The atrocious reasoning of Swift’s satire piece is eerily reflected in Salathe’s non-fiction article. After all, if we abort more babies, that means that everyone will have more diapers and less babies will experience a diaper shortage — the ends justify the means, right?  

No, not right. As Swift pointed out in his essay, there is always a better solution than killing someone. One solution (that doesn’t take a life) might be that mothers can use cloth diapers or here’s a bright idea: Fix the diaper shortage.   

Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins tweeted on this article saying, “There may well be a diaper supply crisis. But the economy (like the environment) exists for the wellbeing and support of human beings. Once you’ve arrived at a place where your solution to fix the economy is to kill the humans straining it, you’ve lost the plot completely.” 

Get it together, Yahoo! News — your crazy, pro-abortion side is showing.  

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