As a Woman, I’m Not Welcomed at the Women’s March So I’m Marching for the Preborn  

Caroline Wharton - 09 Oct 2022
Guest post by SFLA Student Spokesperson Anna Young

GUEST POST: This weekend, the Women’s March hosted protests or “Women’s Waves” in over 383 cities nationwide with over 11,000 participants signed up to protest – and I wasn’t  one of them. Why not? I do fit the bill as I’m a young woman in college, but the Women’s March has made it very clear that as a pro-life woman, I am not welcome. This is because the Women’s March isn’t about women; it’s about abortion.  

The idea behind the “Women’s Wave” is to “elect more pro-choice candidates around the country,” and as the marches that occurred on October 8th are a mere 31 days before midterm elections, it is clear that abortion supporters are grasping at straws in an attempt to keep control of Congress. 

The “Women’s Wave” mission reveals clearly what pro-life advocates have seen all along. The Women’s March is not about fighting against issues that genuinely affect women such as domestic abuse, sex discrimination, Title IX violations, etc. Instead, the Women’s March is fighting for abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy for any reason. The organization doesn’t even claim to be pro-choice anymore, and they don’t believe abortion is a “difficult decision.”  

They are openly 100% pro-abortion – and that’s 100% anti-woman.  

Not only is the pro-abortion agenda morally corrupt, but abortion is also extremely mentally and physcially dangerous for women. Abortion significantly increases the risk of mental health issues with studies showing that post-abortive women are: 

  • 34% more likely to develop anxiety disorders. 
  • 37% more likely to develop depression. 
  • 110% more likely to rely on alcohol use or abuse alcohol. 
  • 115% more likely to develop suicidal behavior. 
  • 220% more likely to take on marijuana use or abuse.  

Additionally, the push for Chemical Abortion pills is even stronger now in Post-Roe America than ever before. The abortion lobby is fighting to remove the few safety regulations that remain on abortion pills, ship these deadly pills through the mail, and allow women to end the life of their preborn child by bleeding out alone in their own bathroom without any medical supervision. A study conducted between 2016-2019 found that 29% of women who took the abortion pill reported significant adverse effects, and 43% needed to seek subsequent medical help from a health provider. 

Abortion isn’t always or usually what women actually want, either. Up to 62% of women feel coerced or pressured into having an abortion. There is nothing pro-woman about a woman being forced into undergoing a violent procedure that ends the life of her child and puts her own life at risk. Abortion also covers up domestic abuse and sexual assault. 

The statistics speak for themselves: being pro-life is pro-woman. If you are concerned about the safety and well-being of women in Post-Roe America, I invite you to join me in promoting non-violent resources and alternatives for women through life-affirming programs such as Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Standing With You initiative. Because to be frank, women deserve better.  

Even though the Women’s March mission statement reads that they support “every race, gender expression, lived experience, sexual orientation, ability, ethnic background, class origin, country of birth, region, immigration status or religion,” I know that their support stops where my support for the preborn begins – yet for all the reasons above and for many more, I know that pro-life activism is the most important advocacy today and deserves a place in a march for women.  

The Women’s March does not represent all women. In fact, they represent a very slim majority of extremists. Pro-lifers may not be welcome, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t show up and represent the truth. The truth is that being pro-life is being pro-woman, pro-equality, pro-safety, and pro-love.   

That’s why I stood and marched for preborn women (and men!) this weekend in a counter-protest to the acceptance of abortion violence. I will continue to stand with women who make the courageous decision to choose life in the midst of a difficult situation. I will stand with the women who regret their abortion. In a Post-Roe America, no woman stands alone. No woman should face the violence of abortion – born or preborn.  

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