Planned Parenthood Redefined Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment for Political Interests – We’ve Got the Receipts

Caroline Wharton - 01 Aug 2022

As individual states in this Post-Roe America begin to protect life through law, the abortion lobby is grasping at threads to remain in political power, and while the pro-life movement keeps winning, they are playing dirtier and dirtier. Their latest attempt to stop losing on the life issue has highlighted how low the abortion industry really is — their newest move was to change the rules of the game through redefining the treatment for ectopic pregnancies. Here’s what happened and why it shows how unethical Planned Parenthood is:  

Background on Ectopic Pregnancy 

If you’re unfamiliar with what an ectopic pregnancy is, these are pregnancies in which a fertilized cell implants somewhere other than the uterus and most often in a fallopian tube. Not only will the embryo be unable to survive outside of the uterus, this sort of pregnancy can also rupture the fallopian tube if not removed using surgery or medication. Such a rupture would result in heavy bleeding and sometimes death.  

Planned Parenthood ectopic pregnancy

Clearly, ectopic pregnancies are very dangerous and must be treated carefully. These treatments are different than abortion procedures or pills because an ectopic pregnancy is not even in the same part of the body in which an abortion would take place (the uterus). Instead, ectopic pregnancies are treated through laparoscopic/laparotomy surgical procedures or a medicine called methotrexate.  

Planned Parenthood’s Sneaky Alteration  

Until recently, Planned Parenthood’s website had rightfully acknowledged that an abortion was not the treatment for an ectopic pregnancy. Read their prior statement below on ectopic pregnancies and notice how not once but twice they say that ectopic pregnancies cannot be fixed by abortion.  

Planned Parenthood ectopic pregnancy
Screenshot from Planned Parenthood’s website in early July 2022

However, just one week ago, Planned Parenthood conspicuously changed this statement. Their new message on ectopic pregnancies is makes a drastic difference because of the sentence, “The medical procedures for terminating a pregnancy in the uterus are usually different from the medical procedures for terminating an ectopic pregnancy.”  

Planned Parenthood ectopic pregnancy
Screenshot from Planned Parenthood’s website in late July 2022

Usually different? How about always different? These pills or procedures are engineered to affect different parts of the body which is why they won’t work the same way on other parts of the body of which they are not engineered to affect. It’s actually pretty simple to understand. Look at it this way: if you broke your arm, you wouldn’t treat it through doing physical therapy on your leg. That would be treating the wrong body part with the wrong treatment — which is exactly what Planned Parenthood is suggesting is possible in their incorrect explanation.  

Why The Sudden Change, Planned Parenthood? 

While the biology of women has remained the same, there is only one thing that has changed: the political pro-abortion landscape.  

It didn’t used to be controversial to say that abortion wasn’t the treatment for ectopic pregnancies (because it isn’t), but in a Post-Roe America where pro-life laws are on the up and up, the abortion industry is trying every trick in the book to remain legal. This redefinition trick is an attempt to validate the abortion lobby’s false claim that abortion is sometimes medically necessary. Abortion supporters have been specifically hawking the idea that women suffering from ectopic pregnancies will die without abortion.  

Planned Parenthood ectopic pregnancy

This idea is patently false, and the pro-life movement has been consistently firm in rejecting it. One of our favorite proofs was that even Planned Parenthood acknowledged ectopic pregnancies are not treated by abortion. However, Planned Parenthood eventually got wise to the fact that they were tripping up the pro-abortion narrative with this factual statement on their website. In a statement to The Hill, that’s actually the reasoning Planned Parenthood gave for the informational change.  

Redefinition doesn’t change facts. No matter what you want to redefine — whether that be what exactly a woman is or if something is indeed an economic recession — your ridiculous redefinition will not change facts. Continuous misinformation, however, may change just how ethical you appear to the public, and Planned Parenthood’s ethos is already well down the drain.

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