Pro-Life Generation Gathers at 30 Capitals Across the Nation to Declare ‘Life is Louder’ in a Post-Roe America

Caroline Wharton - 28 Jun 2022

The Saturday after Roe v. Wade fell, the Pro-Life Generation took to the streets of their state capitals to boldly declare that ‘Life is Louder’ and celebrate the victory that the pro-life movement has been waiting on for 50 years! Nationwide, Students for Life of America (SFLA) groups formed life-chains in nearly 30 cities to mark the end of the egregiously wrong Roe decision and commence the beginning of an even more concentrated pro-life effort at the state level. 

Here are some highlights from pro-lifers this weekend: 

Jaylem Durousseau, SFLA Midwest Regional Coordinator, said, “Life is Louder was a huge success in Nebraska.” Durousseau noted that the Nebraska Family Alliance, Nebraska Catholic Conference, and Nebraska Right to Life joined SFLA alongside State Senators Mike Flood, Rob Clements, and John Lowe. 

With over 40 people in attendance, prayer was amplified for about an hour as pro-lifers stood in solidarity with the preborn. “We got plenty of support from people driving by and even some people at the Capitol for tours stopped and joined,” commented Durousseau.  

Life is Louder Rallies

In Jefferson City, Missouri, pro-lifers made signs and prayed around the capital. SFLA alumni Nicole Hollmann said, “It was wonderful to gather and celebrate with other pro-life students and adults on the day after the Dobbs decision was announced. We had a conversation with a woman who believed that women would now die from ectopic pregnancies, and we tried to clarify that these women would certainly receive the medical care they needed to save their lives.” 

After making an impact in Jefferson City, Hollmann and her team completed the day with an ice cream trip to Central Dairy—after all, living in an abortion-free state in a Post-Roe America is a great reason for celebration.  

Life is Louder Rallies

More than 20 pro-lifers also gathered in Austin, Texas despite pro-abortion protestors standing at the capital with signs in hand. Typically, pro-abortion groups give pro-lifers a challenging time, but only one came over to the pro-life group and had a civil conversation.  

Faith Elwonger, SFLA’s TX Regional Coordinator, and the team in Austin let Capitol Grounds know they would be in attendance to peacefully pray and gather which prompted police to shut down the entire area, close gates, and have security present. SFLA and the joining pro-life groups didn’t cause a threat despite the security measures, but they did garner the attention of several news outlets, including the New York Times, CBS, KView, and other local papers.  

Elwonger said, “There was so much excitement and energy from the attendees—we were so excited to celebrate that life wins and that life is louder! We have overcome the culture of death and have begun to usher in a culture of life!” 

Life is Louder Rallies

In Mississippi, a small yet dedicated group of diverse people came together to pray for every Mississippi mother that may still be considering abortion. Omarr Peters, SFLA Southern Regional Coordinator, shared that they prayed to commemorate all those in the state and nation who saw Roe decided, worked for its end, and yet did not see the end of it personally. 

People also prayed for the success of pregnancy resource centers in the state and nation and for people to not be fearful for the end of Roe, but to rejoice in the fact that lives will be saved. Peters said, “It was a time of reflection, celebration, and gratitude for all that was done in the state to advance the pro-life message. It was also a call to action for the Church and the community to step up and take their roles in the protection of the preborn and vulnerable women!” 

Life is Louder Rallies

Over in Sacramento, California, leaders reported their life chain event went on without a flaw. The Pro-Life Generation’s dedication to hold signs in celebration at their capital captured the attention of a reporter and some unhappy abortion activists. Juan Hernandez, student at Life Pacific University in San Dimas California, noted they tried to counter the pro-lifer’s celebration, but they continued, nevertheless.  

Life is Louder Rallies

At the Illinois state capital, pro-lifers received word that the night before there had been many pro-choice protestors gathered outside the building. The group did not back down but formed their life chain and displayed signs promoting local pregnancy resources while calling for Illinois to protect the preborn from the moment of conception. 

“We were fortunate enough to have a few conversations with passersby, and we were glad to see that other pro-life residents turned up to the capital to support the cause,” shared Tom Usle, SFLA Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator. 

Life is Louder Rallies

The Iowa State Students for Life club headed up the event in Des Moines with a great turnout of students, residents, and families all in favor of Roe’s reversal. A rosary was said to commemorate the women and children who have been harmed by abortion over the last 49 years, and State Senator Brad Zaun said a few words for what the future held in Iowa on the issue of abortion. Sen. Zaun said, “I want to make sure that it’s done, it’s constitutional, and there is a fair process with legislation and allowing people to express their opinions to us elected officials.” 

Life is Louder Rallies

Out west in Denver, the fall of Roe prompted a group of dedicated students and adults to join to celebrate at Washington Park. The 16 pro-lifers sported signs that read, “Protection From Conception” and “We are the Pro-Life Generation.” Despite the few attempts to taunt and mock pro-lifers, two men came up to the group to ask questions and engage in conversation.  

“One of the men came up to us with many genuine questions and I believe that we changed his heart, even if just a little bit, on his abortion stance. Overall, it was a wonderful event,” exclaimed Brooke Faulkner, SFLA Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator.  

Life is Louder Rallies

Greenbrier SFLA President Emily Gentry joined Field Team Executive Assistant Kelsey Muse at the Arkansas State Capital to celebrate the major victory in the Pro-Life Movement. Arkansas was one of the 26 states with a trigger law in place, and on Friday afternoon, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge implemented the 2019 law to ban abortion in Arkansas.  

Nearly 20 pro-lifers joined forces at the Virginia State Capital and made their way to City Hall, capturing local media attention. The group carried signs with bold, pro-life statements and helpful information on Standing With You. The presence of pro-lifers upset one man who told the group his mother had an abortion. 

Student leader Therese Sanctafamilia noted that the man was very defensive and stopped in the middle lane while driving to begin yelling at an older pro-life man. “The pain is real,” she said. We know the issue of abortion sparks intense dialogue filled with emotion, but being able to engage with those who disagree in a respectful way is what sets the Pro-Life Generation apart.  

Life is Louder Rallies

At the Round House in Santa Fe, New Mexico, pro-lifers celebrated the great victory over Roe! Leaders in the New Mexico pro-life movement who are on the front lines shared words of praise, encouragement, and a call for New Mexicans to continue to fight for the lives of our preborn citizens. 

Denise Weaver, leader of the event, said, “We had a congressional candidate speak about the importance of electing pro-life candidates. It was a wonderful time of prayer, worship, and a call to action. We did a prayer march around the state capitol and then ended with the blowing of the shofar.” 

Notably, one attendee told Weaver, “It was everything a pro-life rally should be; inspirational, prayerful, worshipful, and Christ-centered.”  

Life is Louder Rallies

At the Rhode Island State House, SFLA set up a life chain and took some pictures. While doing so, another pro-lifer showed up not knowing that SFLA would be there. He joined them in prayer, and as people drove by, Simon Rees, Worcester Polytechnic Institute student, said he saw some thumbs up (among other less tasteful gestures).  

Rees said, “Only one person approached us to have a conversation, but they were very respectful; it was a good conversation. All in all, it was a good time showing our support for life!” 

Life is Louder Rallies

In Boston, Mariah McCarron, SFLA New England Regional Coordinator, said, “It was a beautiful day for life in Massachusetts! We had a good handful of students and young people who made it out to represent the Post-Roe Generation. Now more than ever, eyes are turned to the pro-life movement in scrutinizing observation. Who are we? What are we doing? How have we won such a decisive battle for the right to life? What do we represent in this new Post-Roe era, and how are we shaping it?” 

These are some of the questions reporters with The Boston Globe and WCVB5 asked McCarron and team. They received several affirming honks, waves, and thumbs up from passersby. A small gathering of pro-abortion people had assembled across the street from the group, but McCarron stated their impact was unremarkable with tired pro-abortion talking points written on scraps of cardboard. 

“I’m incredibly proud of the work that students in New England and around the nation have done for life! The Post-Roe Generation is embracing this next step with driven enthusiasm,” said McCarron.  

Life is Louder Rallies

Despite the stifling 100-degree weather, 75 pro-lifers gathered in Phoenix, Arizona to pray, celebrate, and be a joyful voice and witness for life at the capital as noted by reporters. Some roads were blocked off due to pro-abortion protests the night prior, but SFLA held their signs proudly as they walked alongside a street with many passing by. Drivers honked loudly and gave them thumbs up as they passed pro-lifers of all ages.  

Jordan Brittain said, “We prayed a rosary together and then walked back towards the front of the capital building where we continued to witness with a life chain. Some walked toward the building, praying near the windows and doors, and thanking the Supreme Court in their hearts.” 

As pro-lifers were gathered in front of the building for an awesome group picture together, pro-abortion protesters showed up and were shouting profanities. SFLA was unphased—their joy persisted as they knew Roe had been overturned, and life is winning in Arizona.  

“It’s an incredibly emotional and beautiful time to be alive and pro-life in this great country. Today, we celebrate, but tomorrow we fight harder than ever to see that all mothers and families feel supported, and that all life is recognized and protected in all 50 states from conception to natural death,” Brittain concluded.  

Life is Louder Rallies

“Life is Louder in Indiana was amazing,” exclaimed student leader Braedon Eckert. He shared how the team had a fantastic turnout and seeing so many Hoosiers standing for life was a beautiful sight.  

Eckert said, “We had a couple counter protesters come from their event, but we had good state trooper protection. I had one conversation where I was able to share how Planned Parenthood targets my communities (black and brown, impoverished) and how they use our suffering to make money.” 

Life is Louder Rallies

Unfortunately, Life is Louder events were cancelled in Oregon due to riots, and students in Utah felt unsafe to gather. The pro-abortion activists who threatened a ‘summer of rage’ are taken seriously by the SFLA team; that’s why we never ask students to go when they feel unsafe or when security cannot be present. Special kudos to the small but faithful pro-life teams in Ohio and Montana—we appreciate you standing for life!  

Life is Louder Rallies

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