Medical Students Do Not Want to Commit Abortions; Abortion Activists are Trying to Force Them

Caroline Wharton - 20 Apr 2022

medical students forced to learn abortions
Guest post by Students for Life of America’s Contributing Writer Anna Reynolds

GUEST POST: The AP is reporting the good news that becoming an abortionist is harder to do. Many state legislators and medical schools have gotten the memo that the Pro-Life Generation does not want abortion. With an increasing number of states instituting strong pro-life laws, medical schools are not training abortionists. 

Abortion activists celebrate stories like that of Shira Fishbach, a medical student intent on becoming an abortionist. Praised as “[s]o courageous” by people who want more abortion in medical schools, Fishbach is an outlier. The reality is that most medical students become doctors to save lives, not end them, and most medical students do not want requirements to participate in committing elective abortion. 

medical students forced to learn abortions

Fishbach, who recently matched to the University of Michigan for her residency, chose to become an abortionist after her own decision to abort a child before entering medical school. She boasted about her abortion, calling it “a gift” and “lifesaving.” Despite having a supportive family who would have provided material and emotional resources if she chose life for her baby, Fishbach opted to end her baby’s life in an elective abortion. She claimed, “I felt a connection between my having an abortion and my ability to pursue my own education, to have economic freedom, to live my life the way that I wanted to.” 

In an interview with MedPage, Fishbach suggested that more medical students should undergo abortions in order to pursue an education. Because of long hours and student debt, Fishbach suggests, abortion is “a good option” for prospective doctors. She added, “These are real choices [about elective abortion] that people who can become pregnant are making, sacrifices that they are making in pursuing a career in medicine.” In other words, according to Fishbach, more medical students should end their children’s lives in abortion in order to pursue a career ending the lives of other people’s preborn babies. 

medical students forced to learn abortions

Where and How Abortionists Work 

Stories like Fishbach’s are used to try to normalize abortion and suggest that ending the life of a preborn baby is a legitimate healthcare procedure for which medical students should be prepared. Looking at the abortion industry shows how false this narrative is and why abortion training has no place in medical school. 

Because of the ethical problems with violently ending innocent human life, elective abortion has moved out of most hospitals. According to pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, 95% of abortions occur at outpatient abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood. Looking at the profit-motive behind abortion clinics reveals how little they have to do with women’s health.  

medical students forced to learn abortions

High-profile abortionists have been convicted for crimes against the mothers of the babies they have killed, improperly disposing of the bodies of aborted babies, and numerous health and safety violations. The abortion industry and the abortionists the big abortion businesses employ do not exist to help women, and they have caused a great harm. 

As much as abortion activists want to “celebrate” abortionists, sending them Valentines and dressing up as abortionists for Halloween, the reality remains that ending the lives of preborn children is something with which most people do not feel comfortable. The truth comes out when abortion is closer to home, as in the poignant letter of a man who had “qualms” about his girlfriend becoming an abortionist. For all these reasons and more, the number of abortionists is declining, and the abortion industry knows it. 

medical students forced to learn abortions

Mandatory Abortion Training 

Abortion activists have been trying for decades to institute mandatory abortion training in medical schools. Because of conscience protections, medical schools cannot force students to participate in committing elective abortions. However, abortion activists know that by forcing pro-life students to opt-out of abortion training instead of having an opt-in program, more medical students will be introduced to elective abortion. As evidenced by a recent lawsuit, pro-life medical students can also face coercion and harassment. 

When coercing more medical students into abortion training is not enough to supply abortion businesses with another generation of abortionists, the abortion lobby turns once again to pushing to legalize abortionists who are not doctors. While abortion activists are rallying around the rare medical student who claims she wants to end the lives of preborn babies, the rest of the abortion lobby is busy pushing for nurses to commit abortions. Any way you look at it, this is further proof that the abortion industry is not concerned with women’s health. 

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