Babies Are Treasure So Why Are They Being Treated Like Trash?

Caroline Wharton - 14 Apr 2022

A stunning discovery is made of highly valued and desired art pieces that were abandoned in a dumpster. Millions of dollars in art forsaken to trash but found by one fortunate Connecticut man. Such exciting news created a media buzz—knowing the worth of the art, no one logical would send such valuable items to deteriorate in a landfill.  

Since the trash is no place for items of value, why is it an acceptable site for remains of aborted babies? There are many harsh realities abortionists would like you to forget, facts that humanize life in the womb and cause you to treat a baby like a treasure. The abortion lobby creates a false narrative that babies are disposable, and we’re here to tell you about the ways babies are discarded like trash.  

This issue is all the timelier given recent headlines including calls for investigation into the deaths of five babies aborted late-term in Washington D.C., as Kentucky legislators override a pro-abortion Governor’s veto of a pro-life package that included requirements that the bodies of aborted infants to be handed to funeral homes.  

Treasure not trash

Abortion vendors wrongfully dump fetal remains in the trash 

Disturbing incidents have come to light exposing abortion vendors for disposing of remains of aborted babies in trash receptacles outside their facilities. A dismembered baby foot, among other mangled body parts found in Ohio represent a glimpse of what happens daily when abortion is committed. Monica Migliorino Miller wrote about the fetal remains found outside of an Ohio abortion vendor’s office: 

“Certainly, if the body of a born child or a mature adult had been found in an Ohio trash receptacle, the finding of such a murder victim would have received widespread sensationalized coverage in every possible media outlet and an instant response from law enforcement agencies. But this particular human being was just another result of legally sanctioned “reproductive choice.” Such “choices,” made 2,500 times per day, are protected by a culture that does all it can to deny the existence of such a victim.” 

In Michigan, another abortion vendor was found disposing of fetal remains in a dumpster. Such actions not only erase any dignity for human life, but they are in violation of biohazard and medical waste laws. While states have laws in place to regulate medical waste, they are antiquated and have been violated many times as reported by the Charlotte Lozier Institute: 

“Due to the variability and archaic status of some state laws, numerous fetal disposition methods have been employed as legal solutions by abortion facilities and waste disposal companies, including: flushing fetal body parts through the garbage disposal leading into the sewer system; dumping fetal remains into an auger along with medical waste and grinding them together; and having the fetal remains transported across state lines to another state’s dumpsters.” 

Treasure not trash

Enforcing state laws to prohibit the illegal dumping of the preborn must be upheld and violators must be held accountable. According to the National Catholic Register, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah have laws requiring aborted babies be cremated or buried just as other human persons who die in those states. 

State laws have received push back from the pro-abortion American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which filed a lawsuit opposing Ohio’s requirement for disposal of aborted babies claiming, “The law and the implementing rules are extremely burdensome and expensive to comply with – impossible in many regards.”  

The Pro-Life Generation can attest to countless acts by pro-abortion groups who value everything but the life of the preborn. Not only are they supporting abortion, but groups like the ACLU are tone deaf in arguing that disposing of baby remains is burdensome.  

Treasure not trash

The abortion industry and energy companies are using aborted babies’ bodies for business  

It is eye opening to learn just how desensitized abortion vendors are to the killing of innocent children and discarding them as trash. During the 2015 National Abortion Federation meeting, abortion facility owner Renee Chelian was selected to speak about problems facilities face with disposal companies. 

Chelian took the opportunity to joke about the inconvenience of aborted babies saying, “We were really tempted to give the fetus back. Um, we thought, we’ll give it to everybody in a gift bag – they can take it home, figure out what to do with it. It’s their pregnancy, and why is this our problem?” 

With no moral conscience, Chelian bantered on about personally taking bodies to a field and burning them, burning bodies for energy, and keeping costs for abortion facilities low—some of Chelian’s outlandish remarks are happening in real time. States such as Washington and Oregon have been found guilty of burning boxes of medical waste for fuel that contain aborted babies. 

In a recent discovery of late-term aborted babies in Washington, D.C., anti-abortion activists obtained 115 babies in a box labeled ‘Curtis Bay Energy.’ According to their website, Curtis Bay Energy is Baltimore’s 13th-largest polluter, and is the nation’s largest medical waste incinerator. 

As reported, the Curtis Bay Energy driver was picking up boxes of biohazardous medical waste outside an abortion facility when activists came into possession of one of the boxes. When the horrific discovery of aborted babies was made inside, anti-abortion activists quickly put together the understanding that Curtis Bay Energy was turning on the lights of the city of Baltimore with preborn babies. The company denies such allegations.  

Treasure not trash

What this looks like on the federal level 

Legislation dignifying the proper burial and rights of the preborn has not made its way to the federal level, yet. In 2019, Senator Mike Braun of Indiana introduced S.2590, the Dignity for Aborted Children Act. If passed, the bill would require abortion facilities to give patients options concerning the human fetal tissue from an abortion or options to take possession of the tissue for transfer to an entity that provides interment or cremation services. It also requires abortion vendors to report annually about the aggregate number of abortions performed while enforcing penalties for violations of disposal, informed consent, and reporting requirements. 

A call for compassion and dignity for the preborn 

Whether a grieving mother would like to properly bury her miscarried child, or an abortion is committed against the innocent, dignity is owed because no baby should be discarded like trash. The goal remains to make abortion unthinkable and unattainable, but while its cruelty still plagues our nation, we will advocate for life to be treated with dignity because children are a treasure.  

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