Vote for St. Mary’s University to Receive the Christian Schools Standing with You Scholarship!

Caroline Wharton - 29 Mar 2022

In December, 2021, Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement released its Christian Schools Project, investigating all 784 Christian schools across the country to identify any ties these Christian institutions have to the nation’s largest abortion vendor, Planned Parenthood. 

Click here to read the full research findings. 

Another goal of the Christian Schools Project was to encourage and identify schools which also support pregnant and parenting students on campus. SFLA is proud to introduce the Christian Schools Standing with You Scholarship Competition where we pick three Christian schools that are doing outstanding work for women on campus.  

It’s time to highlight the amazing pro-life efforts of students who attend Christian colleges and universities across America who are setting the standard for great Christian schools. These groups have a passion for helping pregnant and parenting students on their Christian campus, and SFLA wants to award them for their efforts—with your help! By evaluating each school’s friendliness and support for parenting students on campus, we have narrowed it down to our top ten school groups, and now it’s up to you to help us choose the winner. 

Check out one of the schools that made it to the top ten below: St. Mary’s University in Texas 

St. Mary’s University is one of ten student groups competing to be in the top three of all Christian Schools that will earn a scholarship for pregnant and parenting students on campus and an award for their group activities for the upcoming year.  

St. Mary’s University, a Catholic institution, was given an A-grade during the Christian Schools Project for not promoting Planned Parenthood to their students. Their SFLA group, Rattlers for Life, has been established for more than four years and currently has 20 members. During the pandemic, the group hosted speakers virtually and fundraised at local churches. Next year, they plan to raise enough funds to award two pregnant and parenting scholarships to students on their campus. They also hope to table more often and volunteer with local pregnancy resource centers. 

Here are some accomplishments of the St. Mary’s University group: 

  • They raised $530 in an online fundraiser for their Pregnant and Parenting Scholarship. 
  • Their group attended the Texas Right to Life Boots on the Ground Conference.  
  • They also participated weekly in 40 Days for Life events.  

You can vote for this school to receive a $1,500 scholarship for a pregnant or parenting student on their campus and up to $500 to help their group activities for the upcoming year. Click HERE to vote for St. Mary’s University (Texas)!  

And that’s not all, either—each of these three groups will also get to send two representatives to the National Leaders Collective. This is SFLA’s weekend of pro-life activism training for student leaders within our movement; at the National Leaders Collective, these two representatives will receive their award.  


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