U of Washington Keeps Aborted Babies in Paper Bags Like Lunch Meat

Caroline Wharton - 28 Mar 2022

The abortion lobby has infiltrated and taken up camp in many American colleges and universities (including Christian institutions), resulting in horrific human tragedies occurring right on campus, unbeknownst to innocent students. In a stomach-turning discovery by pro-life activists, it was recently revealed that the University of Washington can now be put into that same hall of shame as they are keeping aborted fetuses in paper bags. Leaders in the pro-life movement are calling this exposé “immoral and unethical,” and Students for Life of America agrees completely. Let’s discuss this disgusting discovery:  

When was this exposed?  

Earlier this month, on March 9th 2022, pro-life activists from several organizations, including Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU),  Pro-Life San Francisco, and Rehumanize International, accessed the fetal organ bank at the University of Washington School of Medicine which PAAU claims is the nation’s largest fetal organ bank. The activists had located the freezer by carefully combing through invoices which had been previously procured by a public records request by Indiana Right to Life. When they found the freezer, they were horrified to see rows of fetal body parts and whole bodies stuffed into labelled brown paper bags. View the non-graphic photo of what these activists’ saw from PAAU’s Twitter account below:  

Leaders in the pro-life movement are speaking out.  

Founder and Executive Director of PAAU, Terrisa Bukovinac, stated that the public needs to be aware of atrocities such as these in order to make real change. She said:  

“The American people must be made aware of the mass dehumanization of these unborn children who are violently killed and thrown into a freezer, whose body parts are then portioned out to researchers in pursuit of federal funding. It is my hope that this photograph [as shown above] reminds us all that there are real victims being lethally oppressed by UW and traded like property. Fetal trafficking is abhorrent and must end.”  

Additionally, the vice president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, David Prentice, told the Washington Examiner that such actions in research are depraved and disreputable, saying

“[Donated tissue] would be properly stored in sterile containers…and frozen at an ultracold temperature, sometimes with chemicals to prevent degradation of the tissue. There is no proper way to store, whether it’s a human fetus or any human individual, in a paper bag in the freezer. This is completely disrespecting a human individual to do that. It’s immoral and unethical.”  

Aborted Babies in Paper Bags
This is a revolting pattern we see with the abortion lobby.  

Unfortunately, the University of Washington is just another institution exposed in the abortion lobby’s well-known pattern of handling aborted children’s remains in creepy and unethical ways. For example, the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania was outed last year to be conducting something akin to “Frankenstein research” as the university scalped aborted babies and grafted their scalps onto lab rats.

(To learn more, click HERE to read SFLA President Kristan Hawkins’s op-ed at the Washington Examiner entitled, “Bats, Beagles, and Babies: There’s Something Wrong at Fauci’s NIAID.”)  

Individual abortionists have also taken to disgusting methods of storing aborted fetuses. One abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer, was found after his death to have stored more than 2,200 sets of aborted fetal remains in his garage, and 165 more sets of fetal remains were found in his Mercedes-Benz. Abortionist Kermit Gosnell kept a similarly sinister collection in milk jugs and glass jars in his abortion facility.  

Aborted Babies in Paper Bags
Just when you think the abortion lobby can’t stoop any lower, they do.  

The University of Washington’s treatment of aborted babies is absolutely abhorrent and ridiculously unethical. When a medical school is keeping aborted babies in brown paper bags as though their human remains are nothing more than lunch meat, you know something is very wrong with our view on the sanctity of life. 

It’s time for University of Washington students to stand up and tell their administration that they will not tolerate their university taking the deceased bodies of victims of violence and storing them like leftover food in the refrigerator. Human beings are neither trash nor pieces of meat, and it’s time for our institutions of “higher” education to get their ethics out of the gutter. 

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