The Essential Checklist for the National Pro-Life March

Brenna Lewis - 12 Jan 2022

Heading to the National Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C. is a big deal. For many, it’s a long trip that is the culmination of months of planning. With it right around the corner, we wanted to help make your journey a little easier. Here is the essential 2022 National Pro-Life March Checklist:

Wondering what to pack?

The weather in Washington, D.C. in January varies quite a bit from year to year. Sometimes, it’s t-shirt weather. And sometimes, it’s an icy cold blizzard. Make sure to check the forecast frequently, all the way up until the moment you leave the house. But try to be prepared for anything

In addition to apparel, here are some other useful considerations:  

  • An external battery for your phone 
  • A plastic bag to cover valuables in case it rains/snows 
  • Materials for homemade pro-life signs 
  • Chargers for all your devices 
  • Snacks 

Need a Sign?

Students for Life passes out over 15,000 of our signature black and white “I am the Pro-Life Generation” signs at the National Pro-Life March. Make sure you’re one of the recipients! Don’t worry, you’ll see us there. Our sign distribution locations are scattered conveniently around the site of the National Pro-Life March Rally. Look below to see a full-size map of the sign distribution locations! They are the six black circled numbers. 

Got gaps in your schedule?

Chances are, you’ve probably already figured out your trip itinerary. But in case you come across some downtime to fill, consider attending these other events surrounding the National Pro-Life March.  You’re already traveling to our nation’s capital – make the most of it!  

Check out the time-lapse from the 2020 National Pro-Life March!

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