5 Interesting Facts about Preborn Babies

Brenna Lewis - 24 Sep 2021


One of the deceptions of the abortion industry is that the life of a preborn baby inside their mother is both meaningless and a mystery. When asked questions about pregnancies and preborn children, supporters of abortion deflect and dodge, shying away from admitting that the preborn are alive in the womb. Students for Life of America just saw this happen again at the pro-abortion protest at Justice Kavanaugh’s home 

However, as the Pro-Life Generation, one of our best defenses is our knowledge about womenpregnancies, and the preborn. We can truly say that science backs our position. To further build up your arsenal of knowledge, here are 5 facts about the preborn: 

1. A baby’s heart starts beating at just 21 days old – 3 days before most positive pregnancy tests.

This means that the average woman with a positive pregnancy test will already have a baby with a heartbeat. With “heartbeat” laws, like the recently passed Texas Senate Bill 8 or the Heartbeat Bill, the fact that many women will not know they are pregnant before this heartbeat begins means that, under this law, they are unable to abort their child. This is why heartbeat laws can stop something like 90% of abortions in their regions.  

To listen to a preborn babies’ heartbeat, click HERE 

2. Ultrasounds can show whether a baby is right or left-handed at 10 weeks.

Scientists have found that preborn babies will have preferred thumbs to suck, and that this preference usually translates into whether the baby will be right-handed or left-handed. Most preborn babies, just like most adults, prefer their right hand over their left hand. This is true for about 85% of preborn babies and adults.  

3. Babies have experienced multiple tastes before they are born.

By twelve weeks old, preborn babies have taste buds all over their mouths and have begun to taste flavors via their mother’s food. This happens as the flavors of her food seep into the amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid is the protective, cushioning liquid that surrounds preborn babies in the uterus, and it is breathed in or swallowed before being breathed out. As the preborn babies breathe in/swallow the flavored amniotic fluid, they are introduced to different flavors. This is how children are trained from the womb to like a certain culture’s cuisine.  

4. Babies practice breathing in the womb long before they take their first breath of air.

Beginning at just 10 weeks old, preborn babies start to ready themselves to breathe. They begin by making the breathing motions sporadically, and, in the fifth month, their breathing motions begin to follow their circadian rhythm. As the baby gets closer to their birth, they breathe more frequently.  

5. Girls move their jaws more than boys do.

This sex difference begins to emerge at 14 weeks old for preborn babies. This phenomenon was one of the first to be discovered about preborn sexual differences. It remains quite interesting to the public as the stereotype that ‘women talk more than men’ humorously looks like it begins in the womb.  


For further information about the development of preborn babies, please click HERE 

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