Students at Boston College are Distributing 500 of These!

Mary Briganti - 03 Dec 2020


Max Montana, a Boston College student and SFLA Wilberforce Fellow, recently spearheaded a project to help pregnant & parenting students on his campus. His idea was to develop Pregnant and Parenting Resources pamphlets that list out the campus resources available to them at Boston College. The group has printed over 500 pamphlets and will distribute them all over campus in the coming weeks! 

Max shared:

“Last semester, during ‘Celebrate Life Week’, my Students for Life group, the Boston College Pro-Life Club, hosted a ‘Pregnant and Parenting Resource Forum’ facilitated by Feminists For Life’s Joyce McCauley-Benner. In what became in all likelihood the last official in-person event of the school year, the E-Board, club members, and other interested students learned about an overwhelming amount of existing supportive resources on campus. Boston College offers significant support, including free pregnancy testing, conversations with our pregnancy support advocates, note-taking assistance, among other resources. Yet they are not readily visible on campus. 

Though Boston College already had a page on their website showcasing its resources, we made a plan to help make these more visible by designing a guide for navigating pregnancy and parenthood at Boston College. Annemarie Arnold, the club president, and Isabel Wagner, our club social media director, designed the top-notch ‘Pregnant and Parenting Resources’ pamphlets, and Max coordinated with relevant offices on campus, including the Women’s Center, University Health Services, Campus Ministry, among others, to get approval, update information and ensure that they would display our pamphlets.” 



The pamphlets are professional and beautifully-designed. Said the group’s social media director, Isabel Wagner:

I had no idea the resources available on and off campus for pregnant and parenting students, and I’m sure most other students are the same, which is a frightening thought. After all, what good are these resources if nobody knows about them or utilizes them? I feel better now, because no matter how many students pick up and read a pamphlet, it’s comforting to know that there are just a few more students equipped with knowledge to help a future friend or classmate in need.” 

The Boston College Pro-Life Club will feature these pamphlets at tabling events on campus and hope to add more resources to these pamphlets as they dialogue and coordinate with the university administration in the future! 

You can support pregnant and parenting students this year, too, by participating in our National Holiday Baby Item Drive. Click here!

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