Billie Eilish Pens Eloquent Response to Our Trump Graphic on Instagram

Brenna Lewis - 11 Sep 2020


The Trump Campaign recently released a list of re-election promises, including finally defunding the abortion giant Planned Parenthood of $600 million of our tax dollars. Naturally, Students for Life was pleased by this, since there’s zero reason a corrupt abortion company (under criminal investigation, no less) should get even a dime of our money. So, we made a social media graphic about it.

This graphic absolutely exploded on Instagram. In almost no time flat, it became our most liked/shared post EVER – and not by a small margin. It’s been liked over 140,000 times, has nearly 22,000 comments, and has been shared over 163,000 times. At first, it was clear it was just our usual audience and our resident trolls interacting. But somewhere in the mix, something changed.

More hateful, pro-abortion comments started rolling in. The graphic was now being shared almost exclusively by a pro-choice audience. As it turned out… famous, angsty singer Billie Eilish had shared our post on her Instagram story, and it was her equally angsty fans raining down on the post. Her eloquent, dignified reflection?

Billie was recently featured in a post of ours called “Top 10 Musicians Who Actively Promote Abortion and Planned Parenthood.” Given that her audience is mostly Generation Z, it’s really sad that she’s teaching young people (girls, mostly) that the strong should be allowed to kill the weak and that women can only be equal to men if we’re allowed to kill our children. Billie’s also known for posting political content, then turning off people’s ability to comment… thus keeping the door to dialogue firmly closed. 

BUT, we appreciate the boost nonetheless. Not only did the added attention get us closer to our goal of 100,000 followers, but it ensured that a huge demographic of people we wouldn’t have reached otherwise got to see a pro-life message. So thanks, Billie. You’re always welcome to join the good guys if you ever change your mind on violence against the preborn.

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