Supreme Court Will Soon Decide If Abortion Facilities Have To Follow Basic Health and Safety Rules

Brenna Lewis - 11 Jun 2020

The Supreme Court is expected to rule soon (they have until the end of June) on the Louisiana abortion law that requires abortion facilities to follow basic health and safety rules. The case is June Medical Services LLC v. Russo.

The abortion industry does not want to follow basic health and safety rules. They are claiming that they cannot comply with the requirement that abortionists have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. This is likely because their abortionists have lower standards of medical care than real doctors.

Admitting privileges allow doctors to quickly transfer medical records to a hospital in an emergency and allow them to remain in charge in the emergency room. It’s a basic requirement that all other surgeons in the state have to follow; like usual, the abortion industry thinks they should not have to follow these basic health and safety rules.

In March 2020, Students for Life attended a rally in support of the state of Louisiana’s pro-life law, written by African-American Democratic female state legislator Katrina Jackson.

Kristan Hawkins said at the time, “Louisiana legislators put women’s interests first in passing health and safety standards to ensure that women survive a visit to an abortion vendor. No constitutional right to harm women with substandard ‘care’ exists, yet the abortion industry argues that the rules that apply to real medical facilities should not apply to them because of Roe v. Wade. That manipulation of the law should end in this case…The Supreme Court has the opportunity to apply common sense and common decency to regulation of abortion and to show respect to the states as they work to protect women and children – born and preborn.”  

Some important points to note:

  • The purpose of health and safety standards is ensuring that women survive a visit to an abortion vendor, which should concern everyone.
  • Pro-life advocates don’t create the medical standards, we simply ask that they apply to abortion vendors as they apply to real medical professionals.
  • Health and Safety Standards don’t close abortion vendors – VENDORS close when they decide not to follow the laws or invest inpatient care.


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